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Google Plus Cover Photo Design


The purpose of a Google Plus cover photo design is to create interest in what your company offers and to forge a personal connection. Social media market is a highly beneficial method for creating a wide audience and for driving traffic to your site. A creative Google Plus cover photo design is the first step in relaying your brand message and personality to people who visit your Google+ profile.

The purpose of social media platforms, is to spread your brand message, news posts, and build your authority as an industry leader. However, a picture speaks a thousand words, and a Google Plus cover photo design can speak to thousands of visitors. But few things can harm your brand as much as a poorly designed header, which takes up the bulk of your page.

A sleek, creative and innovative Google Plus cover photo design evokes curiosity, adds personality and helps your brand to connect with your target audience. It tells a unique story about what your brand is trying to achieve and it acts as a business card for your company.

The vast majority of people now use Gmail, which means that they have access to Google+. That means that this is certainly a social media platform that is well worth your time and investment. A unique Google Plus cover photo design is the way to go when you want to stand out from the crowds.

About Rank Secure and Google Plus Cover Photo Design

Rank Secure’s friendly team of social media specialists and expert designers offer a comprehensive suite of search engine marketing and development services to individuals, small and medium enterprises and large e-commerce companies.

Our unique value lies in the fact that we are a fully-fledged, full-service company with everything you need under a single roof. We do everything with one goal in mind: Increasing your return on investment through quality, integrated services.

It also means that we have the tools you need to generate online success.

Google Plus cover photo design is just one of our services, but it is a crucial element to your online success.

When you contract with Rank Secure to create your Google Plus cover photo design, you can rely on exceptional quality and cross-platform compatibility. Here’s what you’ll get:

● A smooth, clean and unique design that does not conflict with your cover photo.
● A design that calls attention to your +1 and Follow buttons in order to encourage interaction.
● A cover image that displays properly across all platforms and devices.
● A design that speaks to your audience.

Google recently changed the Google+ cover photo layout, to now take up 75% of the width of your profile page. The other third of the page displays page and user information, a button where you can be added to the user’s circles and a share option.

Behind the information, the background is recreated and blurred from your cover photo.

Rank Secure’s team of expert designers know how to create high-quality, high-resolution Google Plus cover photo designs that suit your brand and appeal to your audience.

Google Plus Cover Photo Design & Social Media Packages

In addition to Google Plus cover photo design, we offer a comprehensive an all-in-one social media design package. Continuity and seamlessness is a vital aspect of any branding concept.

Rank Secure’s all-in-one social media design package uses one concept across all your social media pages to provide continuity and a uniform look.

We will use your website as a basis, designing your Google Plus cover photo design and the rest of your social media elements to match, while still appealing to your target audience.

The end result will be a uniform look and solid brand image that speaks to your audience across all social media platforms and devices.

Whether you want a new social media design package, or even just a Google Plus cover photo design, contact us now.