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Call to action examples

Here are some interesting examples of call to actions. I hope that these examples give you the inspiration to go on and create your own call to actions. If you need any help or advice contact Rank Secure today. We provide expert marketing and SEO advice and implantation.

1) Dropbox

Dropbox has always embraced simple design with a lot of white spaces. Even the graphics on their homepage are pretty subtle and simple.


Because of that simple design and white space, their blue “Sign up for free” call-to-action button is able to stand out from everything else on the page. And the CTA and the Dropbox logo are the same color. It makes it easy for the visitor to interpret this CTA as the place to sign up for Dropbox That’s really effective.


2) Netflix

One big fear visitors have before committing to sign up for something, especially a free trial? That it’ll be super difficult to cancel their subscription if they end up not liking it. Netflix addresses that fear by showing how you can cancel anytime easily on their website. Their red color runs through the CTAs so that everything matches. This is a technique that many of these great examples will have.


3) Grey Goose

This is a unique and fun call to action. There isn’t the sales page that you would expect it to be. This is such an interesting concept. Instead of a sales page, you come upon a page that encourages you to create your own “signature cocktail”. People love things made just for them, and games are always a huge hit. After doing that most people won’t mind being sold to a little bit.


4) Treehouse

With Treehouse their call to action consists of simply saying start your free trial. Treehouse’s call to actions asks for people to claim that free trial. This is great because you only claim things we actually really want. We claim valuable things. So saying the here you can claim a free trial, put a lot of value on the trial itself. The word claim also can indicate that you have to act with urgency because something so good won’t be around long.


5) OkCupid

OkCupid is an example of a more subtle call to action. When looking at it, you might not be able to tell what makes it special. However, the devil is in the details. The call to action button is a bright green compared to the blue that is the main color on the website. It also says “Continue,” which could make it seem like the sign-up process will be brief. It is a very pleasant call to action.


6) Blogging.org

Timers are great tools. If you see your time run out, most people will take action more quickly than if the timer wasn’t there. After spending a little time on Blogging.com you are redirected to a page offering a limited time offer. This time and the words limited time do well to make the product seem scarce and when we, as people feel like an item, is scarce, we naturally give it more value.


7) User

Uber’s has a great looking website. It serves a dual purpose. They need drivers and riders so their website has to appeal to both. They do this by showing picture and videos of drivers and rides together having fun and smiling. The idea is that no matter which one you are signing up for, you will enjoy the experience. The call to action is unique and direct it simply “Make money driving your car.” This will most likely get people clicking.


8) Spotify

Spotify does offer a free service, but they are pretty uniform about trying to attract the customers who want to pay for the additional features that are limited or nonexistent in the free account The button for the premium account sign up is bright green, the free one is white and looks like any other part of the website. We see that it is the goal to get people to sign off for the paid service and they have done all they can to guide you to this part of their website.


9) Pinterest

Pinterest is another really interest call to action. They want people to use Facebook to connect with their accounts. You can see by now that the most vibrant and interesting button is the option they really want you to click on even if they have other options that seem good. In this case, you have to sign up options: sign up via Facebook or via email. The “Sign Up with Facebook” button is blue with the know Facebook branding. The sign up with email button looks like everything else. They probably want some kind of access to your network, and to give you access to followers you know. They can only do that if you link your social media account. They also will only give you a very limited view of their website until you log in some way.

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