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Email marketing is one the original forms of modern digital marketing that we still actually use today. It is effective because we use email more now than we ever have. Most professionals receive hundreds a day. So receiving marketing materials in our inbox just makes sense. However, there are acceptable and unacceptable ways in which to use email marketing. This article will show you the best and most effective methods in order to create dynamic and successful SEO and marketing plan.


Rank Secure is a group of professionals, experienced in helping many different businesses in their pursuit of an email marketing process that works for them. We know that we can help you with your email marketing initiatives, so we wanted to help you understand our plan to do so.


Build an Opt-In Email List


The first step to any great email marketing campaign is to create a method for your followers and website visitors to opt into receiving emails from you This is usually done by creating a simple for that visitors use. It would ask for only a couple of details, usually just asking for a name and an email address. This opt-in list is the basis for your email marketing strategies. The contact form is just one way to gain that foundation. There are other methods. Using social media is a great way to grow that list. We help you craft social media posts aimed at increasing those subscribed to your emails.


Designing Custom Email Layouts


We will then analyze what your customers interact with the most on your website. This is important because we can then focus on their specific areas of interest. We will take the information on this interests to help shape your email marketing cap again. Then our team of experienced designers will create an email template that works for you and works with your brand perfectly. As we work with you, we will consist gather data based on previous email campaigns in order to incorporate the design elements that were successful in the previous ones.


Tracking Your Email Campaigns


We will help your business track all kinds of information about your email campaigns. We track your send and delivery rates. If you are sending emails that never actually get to a valid address, then that is inefficient. We want to ensure that you are not wasting time sending emails to invalid addresses Another thing that we track is how many of your emails are opened and clicked through. This is important because, for an email marketing initiative to work, people have to actually open those emails. If this is not happening at an acceptable rate, then changes need to be made. Finally, we track results. We look at the number of leads, sales, and revenue that each email blast delivers. We know that these results are the motivation for an email marketing campaign so we track them to ensure that your stay close to your goals.

Constant Testing


Testing your email campaign can save money and time. We can work out any kinks and constantly improve your email marketing campaign. We do several types of testing. First, we do a split-testing of your subject lines. We want to know if they are successful. The subject line is the only thing that a person receiving an email sees before clicking on it. So what we choose to put in the subject line is incredibly important. Our testing will ensure that your subject lines are successful


We also do split-testing on the times and dates that we send emails. If our emails do better on a certain day of a week or time of a day, we want to know about it. Then we can make your entire email marketing campaign fall in line with that timetable.


Another type of testing we do is split-testing of copy and offers. We will test to figure out what kinds of offers do well with your customer base. The kinds of offers that are largely ignored will not be continually used.


We Can Help You Implement Advanced Email Marketing Strategies


customer retention email is an advanced technique. It can help ensure that the customers you currently have don’t disappear. This could be done by sending a simple thank you, but even better we can include a special offer for the long-term customers. This works to keep them from choosing another organization to do business with. Also, if you were to find yourself in a situation where you have lost clients, we can help you create a win-back email campaign. This campaign will be all about helping the customer remember why they wanted to buy from you in the first place. It encourages them to give you another chance to make their experience great. This can affect your business significantly.


This plan will ensure that Rank Secure will be diligent and detailed in the creation of your email marketing campaign. We will work with you to find the best strategies for both you and your customer base. We are experts that can help you answer every question and avoid pitfalls. Many people underestimate how helpful having an expert is when dealing with important endeavors. You have a teammate that is perusing your success as vigorously as you are. If you are interested in starting an email marketing campaign, give Rank Secure a call to get started.

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