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Furniture Marketing Services

As a furniture company, there are two major goals you might have. One, to make beautiful, quality furniture, and two, make furniture that sells. However, there should be a third priority that might not see as such currently. This would be creating and maintaining a brand. You want your furniture to be tied to a brand that earns the trust for potential customers. Ranks Secure can work with you in order to develop your brand. Then with that brand, you can create an emotional connection that is felt deeply by the furniture consumer of today.


Here is an overall outline of what we do as a marketing company for you:


Strategic Planning


The way we see it, if a plan isn’t strategic, then it is worth exactly nothing. We help you wade through the information to get to the true point of your marketing planning. We, at Rank Secure, work together, living by the saying that plans produce predictable outcomes. That is what we deliver- predictable outcomes. We will go through multiple scenarios, and then design different paths that can lead you to your goal. This careful planning helps to eliminate any possible confusion for you as the client.


Media Campaigns That Drive Visitors


People who are selling ad space has the goal of getting that space filled. This means they will all say that they have the right customers for you. They are not in your best interest. They don’t work with you, instead, they work for themselves. Rank Secure will help you find the best avenues for exposure. This means the best free and paid methods. Our goal is to provide you with only the best advice that will help you be successful. We also know that everything is negotiable. That can be hard for professionals experienced in other areas of business. You don’t always know when something is a good or badly brokered deal. Rank Secure can step in and help you negotiate for fair, or advantageous prices.




We pride ourselves on our creativity. We create content that lets people know about you and your furniture store. We also let them know that they can afford your products because there isn’t a better deal out there. We can create content for you that aligns yourself with the customer and helps them to understand both who you are and the many kinds of furniture you offer.


Digital Marketing


We use a variety of digital marketing strategies to ensure your continued success. Our digital team is skilled in helping furniture retailers through the use of digital communication planning and implementation. We have the experience and knowledge that can be leveraged and established in a time of ever changing technologies and platforms in order to help retailers increase their return on their investment and improve their return on their investment.


Traditional Media


It takes an effort to stand out in a market where you have many competitors. Other times it will feel like they have things that you do not. And copying the last good thing you saw will leave you behind the curve. We create copy that is compelling and graphics that are striking. We produce work that customers and potential both respond to. Print advertisement in today’s time has to be the best work. It has to be great otherwise you could risk it being completely ignored. You only really have one chance to make an impact when using traditional media channels. We will help you use it effectively so that you can save money that would be wasted on ineffective print ads.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of getting a website to more appear higher on the results page of search engines. The process has many elements and all of this element are best done by an expert. We know how to establish the best keywords. We then can put them the content and the HTML code to your website SEO that Google can index it correctly. Link building is another area were a expert can help. We find established and reputable websites related to the furniture industry and we help craft a strategy for ethical link building.


SEO can be complicated, but the results are so important for your business. They can gain drive a lot of traffic to your website causing an increase in sales. This method of marketing does not need a larger budget, so it can be done for small and large companies alike. This is what makes it such an attractive option for any business.


We Pick Up the Slack


Creating and implementing a marketing strategy can be both a time and energy drain. We take that load off of your shoulders, then we put it on ours.  We help you with the everyday marketing tasks that you just might not have the time to accomplish. At Rank Secure you’re hiring much more than a marketing agency.  You are gaining teammates. We are concerned only with your success, and we will be there to help you every step of the way.


Consider Rank Secure for all of your marketing needs. We start every new relationship by learning the goals for every client that we speak with, This is so important because aligning our goals with yours is the first building block in our creation of the custom plan for you and your furniture business.

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