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Google Search Console

Search Console is where you can monitor your website’s efficiency. It also is where Google will interact with you if there is a problem with your website. Prior to Search Console can access your website, you need to show to Google that you’re an authorized webmaster.

There are 5 approaches of confirmation for Search Console

1) The HTML file upload: Google gives you with an HTML confirmation file that you have to publish to the root directory site of your website. When you’ve done that, you simply click the supplied URL, struck the validate button and you’ll have complete access to Search Console information for the website.

2) HTML tag: this supplies you with a meta tag that has to be placed in thearea of your homepage, prior to the very firstarea.

3) Domain Name Provider: here you’re provided with a full list of domain registrars or name companies, then Google will offer you a detailed guide for placing a TXT record to your DNS configuration.

4) Google Analytics: presuming you’re utilizing Google Analytics and your Google account is the exact same one you’re utilizing for Search Console.

5) Google Tag Manager: this choice permits you to utilize your very own Google Tag Manager account to confirm your website, supplying you’re utilizing the ‘container snippet’ and you have ‘handle’ approval from Google.


Clicking the equipment icon in the leading right corner will offer you access to a range of easy tools, choices and admin functions.

Confirmation Details

This lets you see the all the users of your Search Console account, their individual e-mail addresses and how they were confirmed.

Crawl Errors

Site errors: the leading half of the screen reveals 3 tabs, where if you click each you can see any previous issues with your DNS, your server connection or whether a crawl needed to be delayed. (Google will hold off a crawl instead of run the risk of crawling URLs you do not desire indexed).

URL mistakes: the bottom half of the screen reveals URL mistakes for desktop and smart device.

▪ Server error: Google cannot access your website due to the fact that the server is too sluggish to react, or due to the fact that your website is obstructing Google.
▪ Soft 404: this takes place when your server returns a genuine page for a URL that does not really exist on your website.
▪ Not found: these are all your 404 pages that take place when a Googlebot tries to check out a page that does not exist.


Sitemaps are hosted on the server of your site and they generally notify online search engine of every page of your website, consisting of any brand-new ones included. It’s a great way to let Google much better crawl and comprehend your site.

Crawl rate lets you decrease the rate that Googlebots crawls your website. If you’re having server problems and crawling is absolutely accountable for slowing down the speed of your server, you just require to do this.

Modification of Address

This is where you inform Google if you’ve moved your whole website to a brand-new domain.

Structured Data

Structured data is a method for a web designer to include info on their website that notifies Google about the context of any provided website and how it must appear in search results page.
You can include star rankings, calorie counts, images or client scores to your web page’s structured data and these might appear in the search outcomes.

Search Appearance

If you click the icon to the right of ‘Search Appearance’ a useful pop-up will appear. Search Appearance Overview breaks down and discusses each component of the online search engine results page (SERP).

Information Highlighter

Information Highlighter is an alternative to including structured data to your HTML. it’s a point and click tool where you can submit any website then highlight numerous aspects to inform Google how you desire that page appears in search results page.

Search Analytics

Search Analytics informs you just how much traffic you obtain from search, exposing impressions and clicks provided on SERPs. It will likewise exercise your click-through rate (CTR) and expose your typical natural position for each page.
This function is actually helpful for is seeing which expressions and keywords are owning traffic to your website, in addition to private traffic-generating pages.

Control panel

Here’s where you can access all your website’s information, change your settings and see the number of unread messages you have.

You can check a sitemap by clicking the ‘ Add/Test site map’ button, and if it’s legitimate you can then include it to Search Console.

If you click your website, you will see its own special Dashboard.
The left-hand Dashboard Menu is where you can browse to all the reports and tools available.

These are just some of the features Google Console has to offer. To learn more about how Google Console can work for you, contact Rank Secure today. We can help you develop your SEO and marketing strategies using tools just like this one.

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