Search Engine Optimization for Government Websites

SEO for Government Websites

There are many ways to increase the SEO of your government website so that it sits at the top of the search engine results. If you need help optimizing your website Rank Secure can establish and launch the right SEO strategy for your government website. It is important to do these things correctly, so what better way to ensure than to allow experts to work for you.

Search Engine Optimization for Government

4 Useful Tips for Using SEO for Government Websites

As a government website, you might think that you don’t need SEO, but it can provide some valuable advantages. While government websites naturally have an advantage over other types of domains, search engines have to be able to find and index your website correctly to rank it high, or at all. They have to see the value that you provide through the same methods they evaluate any other website that they index.

Search Engine Optimization for government websites is more focused on individual website optimization rather than outside resources that enhance both the user experience and the ability of search engines to find and properly categorize your website. Here are three tips that are sure to give your government website a higher search engine ranking.

Government SEO

1. Start Using Tags (Metadata)

Tags are simple bits of HTML code that is woven into the code of your website. Search engines recognize this code and it allows them to be able to easily understand what the content of your page is. For example, they should generally look like this:

Government Jobs- A Job Board for Government Contract Jobs

In this example, it is most important to pay attention to placement, as well as content. What is written in this section is what will show up on search engines so it is important to create an informative title so that users can access the correct information, or even to inform them that they could access the information you provide. The title is sandwiched between the small pieces of HTML code that indicates what it is, which is the title.

There are many ways that using metadata can improve your government website’s SEO, and Rank Secure can help you find the best ones and put them to work for you.

2. Increase Your Websites Crawlability

Search engines have to be able to crawl your website to analyze the data on the content your website provides. However, if your actual website has many redirects or very few links, then google feels dissatisfied and could rank highly authoritative non-government websites ahead of yours because it can not properly access your website’s value. Eliminating redirects and creating valuable links is a great was to establish any website and an even better way to create a hospitable environment for search engines to come to when accessing your government website.

Another factor to consider is the site p=map of your website. It needs to have a clear and understandable path from one path to the next such as:

Homepage > Benefits >  Health Benefits > Health Insurance for Children

If your sit map is not easily understandable no matter the path, it could hurt your ranking.

Website SEO for Government
Search Engine Optimization for Government Websites

3. Evaluate The Level of Government Your Website Would Be Categorized Under

Doing so will help you establish your needs and begin a plan to enhance your websites SEO.

If your website is from within the federal government then, your website could be suffering from a common problem that hinders many websites’ SEO. This problem would be visibility. For the average person, it is really confusing to find the right webpage for the right agency or office. You can use SEO to set your website a part so that you are easily searchable.

If your website is a state government website then visibility isn’t so much of a problem because those that are looking for your offices have more tailored search parameters. However, communication between the public and state government administrators and officials can be a difficult process, it could lead people to find alternative methods of finding contact information if the government website is too difficult to work with. This hurts you in two ways. One, they are not coming to your website for resources, and other they are bringing traffic to another website, increasing their authority and ranking. You can restructure your website to make communication more simple, and use SEO methods through social media to spend time connecting with constituents.

Small government websites have a problem because of their size. It might be tempting to forgo SEO completely. This is not the most advantageous solution. If you want to provide your constituents with information, the easiest way to do so is a search engine optimized website that they can access at any time. Having the answers, they search for on your website will create a cycle of informed constituents that feel heard.

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With this information, government websites can begin to work on its on page SEO.

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