According to a recent announcement by LinkedIn, over 8,000 LinkedIn groups are created every week and above 200 conversations take place across these groups per minute. Several SEO related surveys have indicated that LinkedIn is the most useful of all social media platforms, as far as delivery of content is concerned. However, it has been observed that LinkedIn has always played second fiddle to other social media websites in terms of B2B SEO. The probable reasons could be that due to the incorporation of nofollow syntax and 302 redirects in most of the link references, LinkedIn is not considered to be SEO friendly by many. Also, LinkedIn web addresses and discussions are not seen very often in search results. These are the probable reasons why businesses tend to show more interest in platforms like Twitter, Google+, etc.

However, professionals engaged in B2B SEO can certainly benefit a great deal from LinkedIn by making some adjustments to the way they have been using LinkedIn till date. Using these strategies, LinkedIn can certainly become an integral part of any SEO plan.

• Networking: Unlike the early days of SEO, networking for link creation has become a necessary part of SEO. Creating a complete profile is the very first step in building a successful LinkedIn strategy. This must include work experience, a professional bio, organizational affiliations, interests, skills, and a head shot. Depending on your target market, join as many groups as possible. Try to make meaningful contributions to these groups on a regular basis. Also, you can establish yourself as an authority in your field by making constructive comments to relevant articles. Similarly, you can build your identity by taking part in LinkedIn discussions with key members of the group.

• LinkedIn Share Buttons: Making efficient use of LinkedIn share button is a great step towards content sharing. LinkedIn’s code instructions to create share buttons on blog posts and website pages is fairly uncomplicated. You should not have much problem creating them if you have some basic knowledge of scripting and HTML.


• Company’s Own LinkedIn Page: Social media is beginning to play a major role in B2B buying decisions made by the purchasers. Building a company page in LinkedIn is certainly a great way to consolidate your company’s identity by information sharing. Your B2B content marketing strategy can benefit a great deal from a company profile in LinkedIn. While creating your business profile, provide as much information as you can including product/services offered, contact details, and specialties. It is very easy to catch the attention of your visitor by using attractive cover photos and graphics. Try to build brand reputation and trust by including recommendations in your service page. LinkedIn also makes it possible for you to target visitors by sharing videos via YouTube.

• LinkedIn Groups: LinkedIn groups are probably the best place for you to be a part of insightful discussions on your industry related topics. Evaluate member activity, member involvement, discussion frequency, etc. to decide whether it makes sense for you to invest time in group participation.

With the changing nature of link building, it has become important for the SEO professionals to focus on locations and communities where they can create networks. This is where LinkedIn can be the optimum social media platform for brand communication and delivery of contents.