How To Do Keyword Research

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How To Do Keyword Research

Rank Secure is here for you if you need any assistance with your keyword research or any marketing or SEO strategy. We can help you do all the keyword research done and have you on your way to creating great content (which we can also help you with!) Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

The Way to Do Keyword Research Right

The objective of this guide is to produce keyword research simple and accessible. There are a lot of posts that dive deep into utilizing Google tools for keyword research, and advanced keyword research techniques — that isn’t one of them.

The point is to have extremely targeted keyword phrases with a high search volume and low competition mix. In the simplest terms, this means — in a perfect world — your key word phrases describe your articles correctly, a lot of people are trying to find the specific phrase, and there are not a lot of authoritative competitors that are also optimizing for that specific phrase.

Most keyword research begins with a lengthy list of hunches. Then you compile a list of words and phrases that they believe their target demographic would use to describe their content, goods, and services.

Most of the time these lists are composed of phrases pulled from thin air and mostly represent the words that the company expects individuals use to describe their products and content, not the actual words that the demographic is using.

Begin your keyword research process with one of these lists. Do not put any limitations at this time. Think of how your consumers would request your goods, services, and content in search queries. r articles?

Using a Keyword Research Tool

In your keyword research process, you are going to examine your brainstorm list of theoretical keyword phrases to ascertain which has the ideal mix of need, attainability, and value to earn top SERP benefits.

Keyword research tools are great because they pull together information that you might not be able to find otherwise. Some are free others are paid, so there is something for everyone.

When you start taking a look at keyword ideas it can be easy to become a super overwhelmed and overlook the keywords that are uniquely tailored you’re your business or website.

If you determine a keyword phrase that does not describe the subject on your landing page but is associated with your subject, or of related interest to your target market, make a new landing page with new content to function in that keyword phrase. Do not try to fool humans or Google spiders by using phrases which don’t precisely describe your content — use keyword research to drive relevant traffic.

Think to yourself: once the user searches this question, what exactly are they searching for? What do they need? If they find my website, will their needs be met?

Taking a look at the typical Monthly Searches of a keyword phrase will tell you how many times per month that a specific keyword phrase was entered into a Google search. Some tools such as the Google Keyword Planner will only tell you how often the term was searched in Google, others will be broader.

When a specific keyword phrase includes a high search volume it tells us two things. One, that there’s a high consumer demand for this product or for advice on this subject, and two, that right now — this month — that is the specific language that lots of individuals are using to attempt and find more info about the services and products you carry.

Discovering high volume search terms means identifying demand and pinpointing language tendencies. Optimize your web page with the specific words that the searcher uses and Google, recognizing your articles as an extremely relevant option, will consider you a competition for the SERP best three.

There isn’t a catch-all magic number that represents the ideal search volume. What makes the “right” search volume will differ from brand to brand and objective to objective.
Having Said That, whenever possible try to use the Keyword ideas department to find words that are the best of both worlds — quite particular long-tail keyword phrases with high search volume.

To have an idea of a keyword’s competitive area do a search for the phrase you are trying to rank for. Simply enter the phrase into Google like you had been the searcher.

If you see results offering products and services like yours then this means you’re in the ideal space. Now, look at who else is rank for your keyword phrase. Who are your opponents for the top ten, or top three? One key to beating your opponents in the SERPs is doing more things right than them, so take some time to think of what the site in the spot you need is doing well and what they are neglecting.

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