Yes, you can improve your marriage and relationships using content marketing strategy.

Much Better Relationships

Your relationships would be much better…

  • if you understood who and what you are
  • if you understood what makes you do what you do
  • if your ambitious about the future
  • if you know how to best to present yourself with consistency to your listeners and the world

If you could only think before you act…

  • …and speak and understand who you are speaking to
  • …and do so with consideration of who they are and their perceptions, then it would go a long way in ensuring that you are not misunderstood.

If only your words could communicate what you really want to say and do it well then maybe you could have real happiness.

All your actions and words should be geared towards evoking positive emotions, reactions and feelings from those who hear you and not stir up bitter emotions and reactions.

If we could all do that then we would be better human beings and our relationships would be much more fruitful.


What does all that have to do with content marketing? Answer: If you applied the same principles (read above statements again) then your content optimization and marketing will be very strong and of course, you will make more money.

In this age while conversions are important in marketing, creating content that matters, and is relevant, is what is setting some sites apart. If the reader is happy with your content then your rankings will improve (even overnight) and make the cash come in as never before. A reader immensely satisfied with purposeful content on a site will ‘share,’ ‘like,’ ‘tag’ and basically pull others along to enjoy what they enjoyed.

The Two R’s

They are Relationships and Rankings.

So where do the two intersect? Miscommunication has been one of the major causes of broken relationships, so just like good communication will improve your marriage, so will pointed and compelling arguments on your page and mission statement help in improving your content optimization.

Communicate your brand, what you are about clearly and concisely, with all factual information, while taking into account your target audience. Talk in a tone that they will appreciate and that will stir positive feedback and trust, just as you would with your spouse.

Concise communication will obviously require you to know what your brand stands for and what you aim for in the future, as well as the group of people you are communicating with.

Improving your marriage will also need honesty and even a bit of spicing up in life. Similarly, in content marketing interesting, fun, engaging pieces are what attract attention. The connections are what keep many glued to your page, which will boost your SERP (search engine results page). So, try these tips to market your content and your marriage and enjoy the results.