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Locksmiths have many hurdles when they are trying to attack new clients. One of the biggest problems is that if someone needs a locksmith, they typically will do a quick Google search and pick the best-rated one that they see. That could end up leaving you out of the competition completely. This can be easily fixed using SEO, or search engine optimization.


Why SEO Is So Important?


  1. The Yellow Pages Have to Been Rendered Ineffectively

There was a time that having your information listed in printed publications such as the yellow pages worked to set you apart from your competitors but it just doesn’t work that way anymore. This is because all of those people that used to look for yellow pages not just pick up their phone and search for exactly the service they need.


  1. Free Advertisement


Using most SEO strategies is completely free. So you can receive the same benefit that used to receive by paying for ads, without paying a dime. Boosting your Google rankings mean that you will receive a steady stream of traffic from new sources by just putting a little effort and expertise into it.


  1. Your Locality Is a Advantage


For many large national or international businesses, they might have to wait for a full year before they see positive results for their SEO efforts. This is due to the high amount of completion they will have for the keywords they wish to rank highly on google for. For your locksmith business, this isn’t the case. Your competition is only the other locksmiths in your area, not locksmiths in other states or countries. And of that competition, many of them won’t have websites let alone choose to use SEO for their websites. This is a significant opportunity for you. You could initiate a very targeted SEO plan and it could have drastically positive results in just a matter of weeks or a couple of months.


Keyword Optimization


The first SEO tip will more than likely be the simplest step in the whole process. It is picking out the keywords that reflect the types of services you do. Take some time and make a list of all of the services you provide. Then use a keyword planner that can be found for free online to research each keyword. A keyword planner tool lets you know how much traffic any keyword generates. This is important because you can get a full picture of what people are searching for. Then you can use those keywords on your website. It will tell Google “Hey, I have what they are looking for!” Another benefit of a keyword planner tool is to inspire you. You can search for a very general term, and get so many related keywords that you might not even think of.


Placing your keywords on your website can drive the right kind of targeted traffic right to you. There are several places to put these keywords, and each one can provide an important service.


  • Metadata


Metadata is bits of code written into the HTML code of your website. You don’t need to be able to understand how to code in HTML fully to use metadata. HTML includes tags which are like headers that are a precursor to information. If you understand the simple tags for metadata you would be good to go. The title tag is a very important metadata tag it looks just like this “<title>YOUR WEBSITE TITLE<title> “That’s it. Putting that line at the beginning of the code for your webpage will help drive people to your website.


  • Meta Descriptions

There are also meta descriptions which are going to be sections of your website that only you have access to. As you work on each webpage you will see a section that calls for a meta description. This is a short 150 charter blurb that sums up what you do and gives a call to action for potential customers. This is displayed on your website link on search engines.


  • Keywords in Content


Putting actual keywords in your content is also very important. These keywords need to be sparingly used and they also need to occur as naturally as possible. Putting the keyword in an article where they don’t fit or make sense is called keyword stuffing. It is an unethical SEO practice and can lead you to be punished by Google. So definitely use keywords in your website content, just use your common sense. Are you writing something that you would want to read? If so then you are on the right track.


Compile Links


Creating inbound links from credible, high-quality websites will boost both your website’s credibility as well as your standing on Google. You do this by developing relationships both online and in person and then asking to trade web links.


Acquire Reviews


People trust the opinions of other regular people. SO having satisfied customers provide positive feedback on popular review websites will do many great things for your reputation. An easy way is to send a customer that you have completed work for an email politely asking for a review with a link to do so easily.


These are some great tips to start building your SEO foundation. However, there are many things to learn and consider. We at Rank Secure can work with you to find the best SEO and marketing plan in order to achieve all of your goals. Give us a call today to get started.

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