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Derek Williams , Toronto ★★★★★

Rank Secure has helped my website take off like never before. When I opened my shop, I had no idea about how much work social media alone required. I didn’t know that I would be overwhelmed with all the daily tasks, which were necessary to simply keep the site running, and then the taking care of my website’s social media was definitely the last thing on my mind. I quickly realized that in today’s market, unless your business has a good online presence, you can’t be successful. Someone suggested I contact Rank Secure and after training with Baruch, I understood what was required. He helped me create and implement a strategy and got me started on my way. Now it is much easier to handle and I know what I’m doing. Thanks Baruch!

Andrea Wilson, Toronto ★★★★★

Rank Secure has provided me with such a great quality product and service that I refer all of my business associates to them.

Ron Taylor, Mississauga ★★★★★

Rank Secure helped us to establish an online marketing and onsite SEO foundation that we are using to grow from. My site consistently pops up on Google search’s first page, which has helped fans to actually find the site fast. Rank Secure really understood my vision and helped me to reach out to my audience.

Pamela Chan, Etobicoke ★★★★★

I could not be any happier with Baruch and his team. I started a small business a few months ago and as with most new businesses, my initial Google ranking was non-existent. I knew that I needed expert help and decided to give Rank Secure a try after receiving hearing about them from another blogger. Boy, am I glad I did! Baruch was extremely patient with me and great to work with. He explained the whole internet marketing and on-site SEO process and was easy to reach when I had any questions. I started seeing higher rankings within just 30 days and it’s just growing.

Leah Martin, Toronto ★★★★★

Hiring Rank Secure is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my professional ventures. I can not recommend them enough! Thanks so much Baruch!

Dana Brown, Toronto ★★★★★

If you ever need help with your website’s SEO and you are willing to learn online marketing training, take the time to let Baruch and his team at Rank Secure help you. I guarantee that you will be more than satisfied. Before, I used a well-known SEO marketing company to do my work for two years, but it was not working for me. I felt that I needed some more SEO guidance. Eventhough Baruch told me he has been doing SEO for a few years, he is very knowledgeable in this field and he is my go-to person for support as well.

Aaron Williams, Mississauga ★★★★★

If you have a business that needs full time help with SEO and you need to see results and be charged fairly, then you need to talk to Baruch ASAP. My husband and I started our own business and we contacted Baruch to find out exactly what I needed to do to get our website noticed online. He explained online marketing, SEO, reputation management, keyword research and everything to me in detail. He made us feel comfortable with the everything. We then decided to give his services a try and he told us it would take a few months to start yielding results, low and behold just more than two weeks after we were getting website hits and inquiries. Thanks to Baruh we have all the business we can handle right now!

Victor Lee, Toronto ★★★★★

Baruch and his team offer an outstanding service, in everyway. When you call them, you actually get to talk to real people, and they will answer any question you have. All and all they are the best, and the growth in our company can prove it. Thanks

Sonia White, Toronto ★★★★★

I want to give a shout for the folk at Rank Secure, the SEO company I have been using. It was Baruch and his team who have helped improve my ranking on the search engines. I am a dentist practicing in Toronto, and to tell you the truth, the competition is fierce out here. It’s not just because there are so many good clinicians here, but it’s also because they are becoming increasingly “Tech savvy”. We are all trying out all sorts of tools to increase internet presence and jockeying for the number one position. But thanks to Baruch’s SEO personal coaching (I tell you this guy is an EXPERT!) my practice is doing fantastically. Hire Rank Secure, you’ll be glad you did.

Emma Côté, Pickering ★★★★★

Just eighteen months ago I had no website and no online presence. I started with a website and taught myself optimization but I was not even making the fifth page of Google SERPs. Enter Baruch Labunski and his team. I signed up for his training and they started helping me in August 2013. In less than ninety days I had remarkable results. I got the first page on the local Google pages now and I get calls every day from local internet searchers. I feel that with Baruch and his team we are turning the situation round.

Ron Taylor, Mississauga ★★★★★

I am an inexperienced businesswoman, but I do have enough sense to know I needed a good online presence. Because I have a new business, people had a hard time finding me on Google, and because my office isn’t really visible from the street I needed to find a way for people to learn about my business in more ways than just through word of mouth. Someone good friend of mine recommended Rank Secure and she also recommended SEO and Search Engine Marketing. A is an experienced businesswoman and she recommended Rank Secure media. My friend showed me what Baruch did for her in terms of SEO and I was surprised. I could find her right right away when I typed her name in Google. It was truly amazing. Baruch explained the basics of everything I needed in a way that even I could understand. I felt confident that he knew what he was doing, and he was so friendly and not condescending like some other experts. I decided to go with him and my main goal was seeing results. I needed to see more clients.Today I have a successful website and company that people can easily find. I am no longer buried at the bottom of google. This is what makes me a very happy Rank Secure customer.

Audee Miller, Ottawa ★★★★★

I have had my website for several years, but I was frustrated because search engines seemed unable to find me. I contacted Baruch at Rank Secure to ask for some expert direction. I had worked with other SEO companies in the past, but despite a sizable price tags, those big companies failed to produce significant results. But after talking to Baruch I decided to make use of his services, hoping it would help increase my site’s rankings on the search engines and in turn increase my client-base and my bottom line income. Rank Secure’s results have certainly surpassed my expectations.People are telling me they found my website online, easily. I am extremely pleased with Baruch’s SEO optimizations, his training, his service and his results. Baruch is easy to work with and highly results oriented. He is honest about the fact that results will not come overnight. My results took several months but the wait was well worth it. I complained about the lack of results after month 1, eventhough he told me it would take several months, but Baruch was very understanding and he actually guaranteed results, provided I could be patient. I’m glad I was.

Justin Moore, Brockville ★★★★★

I can’t rave enough about the team at Rank Secure. In today’s world where customer service is non-existent, Baruch and his team are the exception. I would highly recommend Rank Secure to everyone.

Clark Jackson, Brampton ★★★★★

I turned to Baruch and Rank Secure for my link building, SEO and article marketing. Baruch’s confidence and expert support was instrumental in giving our site the needed boost. He helped optimize the site in a way that met our company’s specific needs, and worked tirelessly with me and handled tricky requests with expertise. He then coached my team through his personal training courses. I would most definitely turn to Baruch if I had a large business with more complicated SEO and other needs. He is extremely responsive and professional when little things come up. He also delivers what he promises.

Jen Wilson, Toronto ★★★★★

I’ve never met Baruch face-to-face but he is certainly one of the easiest people to do business with online. We are overjoyed with his service because our rankings have gone up significantly since he started working on it. I would definitely recommend Baruch and his team for all your SEO needs!

Tom Thompson, Kitchener ★★★★★

As for SEO optimization and online marketing services Rank Secure is a company that stands out from any of the offers you get on the phone. They offered me two different approaches for SEO services and Reputation Management and that convinced me to work with them. It was a done deal in my mind and I am happy I hired them.

George Lam, Vaughan ★★★★★

When I called Rank Secure, Baruch recommended that I could choose from smaller SEO projects that focused on things like Yelp, Google Local, or Facebook or I could take a more complete package that included a full SEO analysis, Reputation Management, Video Marketing and everything else that I needed to dominate the first page of google for my keywords. I took the bigger option and I’m glad I did because today my business dominates google.

Roy Anderson, Toronto ★★★★★

I must stay that Rank Secure is my go-to SEO company. They really listen to you and ensure you achieve your online goals for SEO services & reputation management.

Deo Gagnon, Barrie ★★★★★

Getting started with Rank Secure was simple and sophisticated. I made a decision to hire them after years of searching for the best SEO and reputation management company to work with.I’m very happy with the results.

Jefferson Trembley, Scarborough ★★★★★

Our law firm has been using Rank Secure for about 8 months and we are extremely satisfied with the results. Before Rank Secure, we had no Internet presence but after one month of Rank Secure’s services, our firm’s Google rankings were in the top five for the keywords Baruch found for us. It is incredible! Our phones started ringing with call from new potential clients within about two weeks and now we get calls on a daily basis.

Ephraim Lopez, Saskatoon ★★★★★

Rank Secure’s services are affordable, but the best thing about working with them is their fantastic customer service. I have often requested additional services and changes with some of our keywords a few times and Baruch has always been prompt and very helpful, getting things done in no time. We are so happy with Rank Secure’s service. We recommend Rank Secure to every company we come across.

Luz Allen, Edmonton ★★★★★

Rank Secure is a great way to boost your online profile and generate more traffic to your website. A great website design and seo will help you reach your customers more effectively and Rank Secure definitely has what it takes to help your business grow. Whether you’re looking for a website designer or someone to help you modify an existing website design, you can count on Rank Secure as experts in the field. At the end of the day it’s all about finding your customers and your customers finding you.

Tanya Green, Midland ★★★★★

Rank Secure leads the way with online marketing, seo services and also online reputation management. It takes plenty of time and TLC to develop a good online reputation, and that’s why it is well worth your investment to outsource the work to experts so that you can focus on those aspects of your business that you can do by yourself. I highly recommend Rank Secure’s services to anyone who wants to build their business online. You will appreciate the results!

Vito Adams, Scarborough ★★★★★

I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank Baruch and his team for all their hard work and time they spent on getting my website to the top of all the major search engines. To those of you who have a small business and are looking to expand their customer bases, I HIGHLY recommend Rank Secure. Thank you once again Baruch for taking my company to the next level.

Brigida Nelson, Peterborough ★★★★★

I have not used Rank Secure’s marketing services, however I have attended Baruch’s training workshops and I have worked in Internet Marketing for several years as an IT consultant. They are organized, professional, knowledgeable, and value-driven. I would certainly recommend their services to anyone who needs SEO help or training.

Timothy Nguyen, Windsor ★★★★★

My dad runs a bicycle repair shop in Toronto and he told me that he hired some company to do online marketing for him when his business was slow. I was shocked so I decided to call to make sure they weren’t taking him for a ride and that there were on the up and up. I spoked to the owner, Baruch Labunski, who actually spent about 30 minutes on the phone with me. He explained his plans for my dad’s business and it made complete sense. His fee was also reasonable.

Richard Gomez, Vaughan ★★★★★

What surprised me most when I first called Rank Secure, was the time Baruch took on the phone to explain things to me. These days, most business owners don’t speak on their phones anymore, so that meant a lot. His training was spot-on and it helped me a lot with my own business and the companies that I consult for. Thanks Baruch!

Sharon Young, Beamsville ★★★★★

I was introduced to Baruch by a mutual friend when I needed some link building, online marketing and SEO help for my new start-up business. From our first meeting I was hugely impressed with Baruch. He’s a true professional, with clear expertise, and he is obviously on top of all the multitude of online marketing options out there. My decision was very clear from the start. I’ve had Rank Secure run as many elements of my online marketing, SEO, and reputation management as my budget would afford – thankfully their rates are very affordable. I’m happy to be a reference for Baruch and his team. I believe that you should consider all your options before you make a decision. In my case, meeting the other groups only convinced me that Rank Secure were the right match.

Damon Cook, Toronto ★★★★★

The Rank Secure team cares deeply about their clients’ success and results. I was amazed at their genuine approach. They cared about my concerns and were so responsive to my questions. I was never just a number in their book. Instead, my account got personal attention from Baruch and his team handled my information with care. Rank Secure offers a great combination of the utmost professionalism and pure compassion. I’m happy about this wonderful experience and the wonderful results I received.

Mitch King, Etobicoke ★★★★★

Rank Secure is amazing! Once all the initial tasks on my site were completed, Baruch suggested we run a ppc campaign on both google and facebook to help complement my print media marketing. They worked in consultation with my designer to design and implement these campaigns. SEO has been my biggest long term investment, and my site currently ranks on the first page of google for our main keywords. Business is great, thanks to Rank Secure.

Charles Murphy, Markham ★★★★★

Having the Rank Secure team to turn to for all my marketing needs has been a huge time and money saver. When I have doubts about any of the marketing aspects I now manage after personal online marketing training from Baruch, I feel secure knowing that they can always assist me with whatever I need and they are always prepared to take my calls or set up a meeting. I rate Rank Secure’s services very highly and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other business owners.

Jay Collins, Toronto ★★★★★

We are EXTREMELY grateful to Baruch and his team for the phenomenal work they have done! Our business is booming and we’re ranking number one for our most important keywords!

Sarah Thomas, Waterloo ★★★★★

Baruch and his team were amazingly responsive to our company’s needs and their expertise and the quality of their work is unparalleled. We have already received a dramatic increase in our company’s web based inquiries in just three weeks since they launched our new site. Thank you so much to the entire Rank Secure family!

Andrew Russell, Pickering ★★★★★

The guys at Rank Secure are fantastic. Seriously, Baruch gives each client his personal attention and their expertise is unprecedented. I recommend them to everyone I come in contact with, without a doubt. If you are looking for online marketing help, this is the company to go to.

Janet Gray, Etobicoke ★★★★★

Rank Secure is amazing!!! Our plumbing company is expanding thanks to Rank Secure. Baruch was able to get us to the first page of Google and with so many plumbing services in the GTA, that is huge. The Rank Secure team created some amazing ads for us and they really helped us to connect with both new and existing clients thru social media marketing. I suggest Rank Secure if you need help to manage your seo, twitter and facebook marketing. Thanks guys, keep up the great work.

Dan Ward, Mississauga ★★★★★

Baruch from Rank Secure has built a fantastic team that delivers a superior quality service with the utmost professionalism. I commissioned Rank Secure twice to help re-brand and develop my business both in print and on digital media. The experience and results of working with Rank Secure has been extremely positive on both occasions. I thank the entire Rank Secure team for this very day.

Reich Collins, Brampton ★★★★★

Baruch and his team have been amazingly helpful. He a expertly answered all my questions, and they have gotten me fantastic results via seo and online marketing. Definitely a good choice when you need to get your site ranked at the top of Google and when you need to improve your company’s reputation.

Russell Bailey, Scarborough ★★★★★

My website is very successful, but I could not have done it without Rank Secure’s speedy, efficient and effective online marketing services. I feel that Baruch and the team did an incredible job on my site and I don’t think I would be where I am today without their expertise. Rank Secure knows how the online market works, they are marketing gurus. They made my website what it is today – and they did everything within my budget. I certainly would recommend Rank Secure to anyone who needs expert guidance in marketing their business online. I trust Baruch and his team because they know what they are doing.

Jacel Flores, Toronto ★★★★★

I started my business about 3 years ago and at the time I was really lost on how to market my business online. I had no idea how to get my name out there or where to find the clients I needed to succeed. I figured a website was a good start, but it was not enough. I found Rank Secure online and after I talked to Baruch on the phone and told him about my business and he asked me questions about the feeling I want to convey to my target audience, and other things I had never even thought about. Essentially, he got me thinking about my branding message. From there, he helped me to get my site optimized for certain keywords to help people find me online. That was just the start though. I’ve worked with them for years and today, I am a proud entrepreneur and my business is thriving. Thank you Rank Secure!!

Rey Bennett, Toronto ★★★★★

Baruch managed to get my business NOTICED online, both on local and global searches. I thank my friend who referred me to him every day.Just tell Baruch what you need, and he will create a strategy for you. I highly recommend him and his team.

Tim Williams, Kitchener ★★★★★

I just started my new business six months ago and was daunted by the whole website and internet thing. Luckily my sister referred me to Baruch and the Rank Secure team and since I had no idea what was needed, I just left it all to them. They consulted me when it came to signing off on things, but I felt that I could trust them completely. All through the process, I felt like they respected my views and they didn’t make me feel dumb for not knowing what I’m talking about. They taught me so much and sparked my interest to such an extend that I signed up for personal SEO training happening in a couple of weeks – I can’t wait! Thank you guys so much for all your help.

Jordan Wilson, Pickering ★★★★★

Rank Secure have been an absolute joy to work with. I’ve had my website for years, but I did not really maintain it. When I got a new business partner, he said that our site needed to be responsive and we need to work on our marketing. Since I was responsible for that side of things, I had no idea what to do. Thankfully, I saw an advert on Youtube featuring Baruch and I called him and long story short, our site is now yielding more resuts than ever before.

Rica Brown, Toronto ★★★★★

Thank you for your amazing service, Baruch. You made me feel like you cared as much about my results as I do. I was about to give up on online marketing until you came along and saved the day – and my business! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Tara Wong, Ottawa ★★★★★

I turned to Rank Secure for social media services, because I just didn’t have the time to do it, yet I understood the importance. Baruch sat in on the brainstorming session with the consultant assigned to my project, and they both paid close attention to everything I explained about my business. They took the time to understand my business and my target market, and after a few weeks, the social interaction on my various social media pages more than doubled. I even had 49 inquiries in just over a month.

Ginie Miller, Toronto ★★★★★

A friend referred me to Rank Secure after a local competitor started spreading false rumours about my business online and tarnished my reputation. Until then, I didn’t know there was a service that could restore your online reputation. I’m thankful to Rank Secure for rescuing my business and look forward to starting afresh.

Tommy Gagnon, Scarborough ★★★★★

After finding an ad for digital marketing and PPC. I liked him immediately because of his caring, yet dynamic nature and I put my trust in him. He took the time to explain how it will work, and then he checked in again once the campaigns were set up. I’m so glad I gave him the go-ahead because he obviously knows how to get affordable results. Thanks, Rank Secure!