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When considering search engine optimization, or SEO there are so many unique considerations for business to business organizations. The costs, plans, and implantation of those plans would be completely different from those organizations that are involved in the business to customer organizations.

One factor to consider the price of the actual products that B2B organizations sell. These products are in general expensive compared to B2C organizations. For B2B organization Search Profit Potential has to always be considered. This means that a company always has to consider what the company will actually profit from if the potential customer chooses to purchase for them.

For example, if a company were to sell baseball bat, the company’s Search Profit Potential would be around $500, but if a company where selling an SEO package, their Search Profit Potential could be thousands of dollars monthly. This is what makes Search Profit Potential so important. Another thing to be considered is the sheer amount of decision makers in involved in the purchasing of a B2B product.

When a B2C product is purchased, there is a considerable chance that there is only one person involved in the decision making. That is not the case for B2B businesses, in fact, there will most likely be several decision makers involved in the process of whether to buy your product. This means that your products simply have to be marketed differently because every decision maker will have a different perspective.

Their needs have to be considered. For example, an accountant will always consider the price of the product and the person or company costs for acquiring it. Those that are in the technical sphere will have the priority of making sure that any technical aspects will be doable for their departments and marketers will want it to be something that will help them either keep existing clients or obtain new ones. This is a lot of ants for one product but meeting them is essential.

The buying cycle is another important B2B aspect. It is the cycle that decision makers use in order to figure out if your product is best for them. The first step in that process for them is figuring out exactly what their needs are. Having a problem is the only reason they would want any product; your product poses a solution to an already existing issue. The next phase is all about research. Companies need to understand what your product is, and why it would be better than any other product that they could buy, and why it is worth the price. Most importantly how they can get a valuable return on their investment. The final step is decision and purchase. Once they have figured your product was the right one for them, the only thing left to do is purchase.

Okay, now you know the buying process for those B2b customers it is now time to help you understand how to make your business and products stand out in the minds of your particular customer base.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is so important for B2B organizations. But even more so it is important for your business to be targeted even more so than with other kinds of businesses. It needs to be more targeted because the more keywords that are researched the more expensive it would be. So prioritize the most important research first and then go from there. The keywords you use should be the best ones from topics covered on your website. You should find the best keywords for your website, you should never try to force your website into the box of a keyword.

Consider Both Off-Page and On-Page SEO

There are two major types of SEO. Off-page SEO is all about creating external links from reputable third-party websites, they should lead to a specific page that is on your website. In order to do this successfully, you want to identify the most relevant websites to your industry, and then it is as easy as writing content that fits both of you and embedding links back to your site. This benefits both parties. It benefits you because you expose your business and products to a whole new customer base. The other publication gets fresh content and contacts. It really is a win-win.

On- Page SEO focuses on the optimization of your content and the source code, or HTML code on each page of your website. Keyword research is a part of on-page SEO. Content is a huge part of SEO. You have to have engaging content that helps readers if you want your website to rank high. You have to be valuable to others. This means that your content can’t just be bland and recycled. It has to be unique enough that reader was to come back to learn more.

Make You Website Make Sense

It is important that your web pages are laid out in a logical for your visitors wants a simple and easily understood layout. A basic layout would be your Homepage: This is the first thing your customers sees, and it needs to be clear and easy to navigate from. Then a detailed product page, finally an innovative and unique blog with entries created very often.


These are only some of the aspects involved in B2B SEO. There are so many things to consider, and it is important to get these things right the first time. Contact Rank Secure today and we can help you through the SEO process by creating a custom plan for you.

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