Something of note – Google Panda updates their Search Results manually

In a recent tweet by Matt Cutts, Google Panda is a manual process, at least for now, this was the basis of Matt Cutts plug for the algorithm: “Short version is that it’s not data that’s updated daily right now. More like when we re-run the algorithms to regen the data. So far we feel we had 3 runs, the first roll out, the international rollout and then Panda 3.0 or some calling it Panda 2.1. Those were all probably pushed manually by Google – keep in mind, by manual I do not mean people do anything manually outside of hitting the go button for the algorithm to run.”

For all the webmasters and SEO experts out there that are looking to get the upper hand with your index page, be sure that you are keeping up with the continuous algorithms that are running live updates constantly, however, be cognisant that Google Panda, at least verion 3.0, is potentially a manual update and that may be a consistent thing moving forward. Lots of good things happening with Google and its Panda.