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Towing SEO

Calling a towing company is for most people a bittersweet moment at best. No one wants car trouble so it is a bad day when it happens. And it happens to everyone at some point or another. As much as no one wants to make that call, it is important that there is a reputable company there to answer it. However, if that company doesn’t have a have a prominent place online then their number won’t be the number that is called. It is important for your business that you are visible online. During an emergency, a Google search is about all the doing that someone has time for. So whatever company shows up close to the top and rated highly is the guys your potential customer will go with. Don’t be left out of the competition.


Local SEO

For a local company such as a towing company, you need to remember that not all marriages will be very effective for your type of business. Many SEO strategies are made for companies looking for large-scale recognition and business. That is not the goal for your business. You want the people in your area to recognize your company and call you when the need towing services. If you are in Toronto, there is no need whatsoever for someone in
Mississauga to know about your business. They can’t call you and even if they did you couldn’t help them. So instead your goal is to rank highly in certain Google search terms for just the areas you are willing to travel to in order to provide towing service. Here are some tips sure to work.

  • Make Sure That You Appear Google Maps

When people search for local services the results can often pop up with a list and a map. When someone clicks on an individual business, Google shows them where they are located and their contact information. If Google has not indexed your website and business, then you won’t be visible. So make sure that your website indicated to Google exactly what your business is, and where it is. This is something that in previous years Google has cracked down on. They only want your website to be indexed as local if your company is actually local. This I great for you because this makes the chances even lower for you to have to compete with local towing services.

  • Stay On Social Media

Social media is great for individuals to connect with their loved ones and friends and share information. Social media is also great for businesses to connect with their customer base and provide information as well. Social media offers a platform and you can make the best out of it. You can share car safety tips or other related information. You could be a resource for anyone looking for information related to your business. This is a great way to increase your brand recognition while helping people get the kinds of information that they need in their daily lives.

  • Blog About It

Start a blog about your towing company. You can share helpful information on this section of your website. In this section, you could give directions on how to change a tire, or share the best safety tips if one were to get into an accident. This is your opportunity to add some human interaction with your company. You can also share funny stories about the more interesting towing times. This is a place to show some personality. Everybody trusts people that know about, so let them get to know you.

On-Site SEO

On-site SEO is all about your website. This can man very many things, and it is. These next tips will be effective ways to initiate an effective on-site SEO strategy.

  • Organize Your Website

Organize your website so that it is logical to use and simple to navigate. This means placing your web pages in the correct order. A great template of this would be HOME PAGE, ABOUT US PAGE, SERVICES PAGES, BLOG. This can be changed a bit, but this template is an acceptable website layout. You don’t want to confuse visitors because they will leave if they feel uncertain.

  • Use Keywords

Keywords are a tool that works for every website Keyword research is the process of finding the best keywords relating to your industry and then using them on your website. To find the best keywords for your website it is customary to use a keyword planner tool. There are several free ones. Your simple search for keywords into a website that looks similar to a search engine. Then it gives you a chart of results. Keyword planner tools will tell you how often any keyword is searched. The most popular ones should be considered for use on your website.


Local SEO and On-site SEO are two elements of SEO that really work for local businesses like your towing company. Rank Secure works with companies of all types and sizes in order to find the best marketing and SEO methods for them. We listen and work with you on finding that solution.

We know that there is no one SEO method that works for everyone, and our goal is to always find what SEO method works best for you. If you are interested in any of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help any questions about who we are and what we do. We are here to help you anytime.

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