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Do you ever think that your business would grow if you were just able to get information from more prospective clients?


You create a beautiful video, and you have spent so many hours making your website beautiful. But the bad news is that a pretty website won’t help your business at all if no one ever sees it, for videographers, SEO is one of the most important opportunities to get more traffic to your website. Remember that traffic that consistently comes to your website is essential to generating reliable leads.


Even though you know all of this, it can be hard to get motivated to start doing any SEO for your website. The language can seem daunting and difficult. And really you’re a videographer, not a web developer.


Analyze Your Competition


Having a website that is optimized for search engines is great for you. Chances are that in your area, you only have a small pool of competitors and a beautiful website that appears very high on the rankings can really help you stand apart.


Local SEO


Local SEO is strategies specific to ranking highly on your area search engine result pages. Local SEO starts by placing your locations in various places on your website. You could even have a page dedicated to your location, and the locations you serve. As a videographer, you have to travel to the client, so it has to be physically feasible for you to travel to the proper location. For your clients, you could make choosing a videographer much easier if they know that you are just a short drive away.


Search Engine Optimization


Search engines are the connection between the public users and the internet. When we need to find something online, you type into a search box and that search engine returns a list of relevant results in a list for you to find the information you need.


One of the most important aspects of your videographer website is the quality of the content that is on it. Content is one thing that is not to difficult to understand even for a beginner. Think about what you would want to read if you were on the other side of the website. Then write that. Write what would interest someone looks for a videographer. Explain terms, and provide example this is the first step in ensuring any SEO strategy works


Keyword Research


There are great keywords for every website that anyone makes. It’s up to you to find the best ones for you. These keywords will be the backbone of your SEO strategy. They can help to show search engines exactly what your web page is about. However, it is important to only include keywords that can appear naturally in a test. Don’t try to put them where they don’t belong. You could accidentally start keyword stuffing. This is a black hat strategy that you want to avoid. Instead, focus on using these keywords to draft excellent content that will get your website noticed by search engines quicker than any other method.


Social Media Marketing


Being a videographer puts you at a great advantage when using social media. You can create and share beautiful video, showing your audience exactly what you do very easily. Many industries do not have this option; so that you have it take full advantage. People want to see great things and you can show them the great things you do. Then you can provide links back to your website and drive all that interested traffic back to your website to book your services.




Advertising your business and website is a great step in potentially increasing top ranking on search engines, and helping people access the services that you could provide to them.


Paid  Advertisement


Using paid advertisement as a tool to drive your business is a smart idea but only if done correctly Don’t pay for advertisement that isn’t increasing your traffic or conversion rates. Give it some time and the measurement results from the use of paid sources of traffic. There are different types of paid advertisement and it is necessary to find the best ones for your business


  • PPC Advertisement

PPC advertisement stands for Pay Per Click advertisement. This is the type of advertisement consists of your advertisement being placed online, and then you pay a very tiny fee every time someone clicks on that ad.


  • Paid Banners

These advertisements appear on web pages. You pay a fee and that advertisement can be shown on website relevant to the videographer industry. This works really well especially on newer websites looking to boost their traffic and increase their brand


  • Printed Advertisement


This type of advertisement can be mailed to your customer base. It can include still in your work and your contact information where interested people can learn more about you and what to do.


These tips are great for any business looking to begin implanting an SEO strategy. They are actionable tasks that can be done. However, we at Rank Secure know how time-consuming some of these tasks can be. We are here to help with all of the SEO and marketing related services. We create custom plans that work. We listen to your goals and the things you are interested in, then we work together as a team to help you accomplish all that you want to for your business. Give us a call today to get started.

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