What Is a Website Bounce Rate?

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What Is a Website Bounce Rate?

When considering search engine optimization one thing that is constantly asked buy business owners is whether their conversion rate is good enough. They often wonder if it is too low, or whether or not it could be higher.  But when you ask this question you are headed in the wrong direction. Your conversion rate is very important, and it is tied to something of equal importance: your bounce rate. If your conversion rate is lower than you would like, then your bounce rate is more than likely higher than you need it to be.


What Is a Bounce Rate?


A bounce is a visitor that only spends time on a single page of your website. It is calculated by Google analytics as a visitor that one sends one request to the server for analytics. The bounce rate is the percentage of this happening among all of your visitors.


Why Is My Bounce Rate So High?


It is important to not only get unique visitors but to entice engaged visitors to give your business a chance. Your website has to give them an indication that your content will be what they are looking for. If this isn’t the case, then they will leave your website quickly. That act increases your bounce rate. You want the first page they see to encourage them to look around and stay a while.


A high Bounce Rate Is Not Always a Bad Thing


There are many websites that shouldn’t worry about bounce rates at all. It is a very individualistic thing to consider. An easy way to tell if you should concern yourself with bounce rate is to look at your goals. If you want people to browse and read your blogs and other types of content and you have a high bounce rate, then something is wrong and needs to be fixed. However, if your website is all about action then this might not be as much of a problem. If you are using your website to direct them to a place where you sell products or you have various pay per click ads on your website, then a high bounce rate is a great thing. This means that people are coming to your website and doing exactly what you would like them to do: buying your products and clicking on your ads. It is about figuring out both your website and your goals.


Google Analytics


Google analytics can tell you a lot about a bounce rate. To understand a bounce rate all you need to do is look at your Google analytics. There, you can see where any problems are occurring. When you first sign into Google Analytics you see your average bounce rate. That is a good starting point, but to really understand your bounce rate there are other things to look into on Google Analytics in order to gain a full picture of your bounce rate.


Sticky content


Sticky Content is the content on your website that has been receiving the most page views in the last thirty days. It also tells you the bounce rate of those specific pages. You can organize them to see the pages with the highest bounce rate page. This is a great tool because you can clearly see which pages encourages visitors to view more pages on your website. It also can show you what kind of content is the first and the last that people want to see. Sticky content can also show you which pages on your website need the most improvement and attention. These are the pages with high page view volume. This is a great strategy because these are the pages that drive the most visitors to your website, these are so the pages that will send more visitors through more pages on your website


Take a Look at Traffic Sources


This section of Google Analytics shows your which traffic sources have brought your website the most visitors, as well as their bounce rate. This section will also tell you which traffic sources bring visitors who stay on your website. It can also indicate certain kinds of visitors that you may or may not be satisfying.


Your Best Keywords


You can also find the keyword that has sent the most traffic to your website through the use of organic search and their individual bounce rates. You can also see the particular landing pages that your traffic is coming from.  You can use this section to figure out what kinds of content that you need to make in the future. Making more content that people want to read is a great way to keep that bounce rate low.


You can use the data in Google Analytics to not only lower your bounce rate but improve your website in its entirety. The goal should always be to create the best experience for your visitors.


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