What Is Outbound Marketing?

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What Is Outbound Marketing?

If you were a business how would you get the word out about a new product or service?

This is a very important question that led to the development of the entire marketing field, and it is something that marketers grapple with every day. There are so many approaches to marketing. Many come and go very quickly as marketers figure out what works and what doesn’t.


Outbound marketing attempts to start the conversation about a new product or service by placing that product or service in the eyesight of people that would be most interested in becoming a customer. It casts a very wide net, but the hope is that if you reach as many people as possible you will find some interested people.


Outbound Marketing Methods


Outbound marketing is actually the most common form of advertising. Most of these methods have been used for a very long time and have been proven to be successful. So people believe that this type of marketing is no longer a viable option. However, that can be disagreed with. Outbound marketing shouldn’t be judged by the old methods. Instead, the updated methods for outbound marketing should be considered and used.


Pay Per Click Ads


Pay per click ads is a method of outbound marketing that is used very often in today’s marketing landscape. This is how they work. First, you choose a keyword or keywords to bid on. If you win the bid for the keyword you then will receive advertising space when someone searches that keyword. The user sees that ad at the top of the search engine page before they see the organic search results.


Internet Banner Ads


Internet banner ads can be very useful. Having display ads is a really effective way to target different demographics and behavioral actions.  Most people have very good popup blockers so that kind of advertisement no longer is effective. Instead, you can buy advertisement on different websites. These websites should have a high amount traffic that could relate to your business. This can increase your visibility and boost your conversion rate.


Email Marketing


Email marketing is an ever involving method of reaching customers. It involves the process of creating a list of people who have opted for removing emails from you. It used to be that this method of marketing was the sending of generic emails to everyone at one time. Now it can be


Having display ads is a really effective way to target different demographics and behavioral actions. You start by choosing the location of the ads.


Content Syndication


Your prospective buyers won’t always find your website at the start of their buying journey. Content syndication is a fantastic method of drawing attention to your content by promoting it on other websites and newsletters. This can increase your reach tenfold. Having more potential customers to interact with is great for your conversion rates. Many syndicators will also send you viable leads so it can provide that additional great benefit.


Direct Mail


Direct mail is a very effective method to target specific customers. It is a great method to use for high-level executives. You might think that email would be easier, but they receive so many emails, that physical direct mail can set your self apart and up your chances of being seen by someone. Sending direct mail is a very targeted a powerful way to share your content. It also lets you be creative in order to grab the attention of potential customers.




Events are a truly unique aspect of outbound marketing. It gives you the opportunity to define your brand in the presence of targeted potential customers. It can be any kind of event. Trade shows or product launches can give you the opportunity to put your products or services in the forefront. Potential customers can try out exactly what you have to offer in real time. Also, if physical events can’t happen you can host a webinar. This is effective because you are still in front of a potential customer in real time. You can connect with them and connect your product to them in a way that you couldn’t do in print.


Keep in mind that there is no magic bullet type solution for all of your outbound marketing. You should instead focus on creating a strategy that includes several types of outbound marketing. But not just outbound marketing. Many articles have titles that almost pit inbound and outbound marketing against each outer. Really, they are two sides of the same coin. They should be used to complement each other. Outbound marketing strategies are made even better if they are considered to be one part of a whole.


These two methods of outbound marketing are still very useful, but there are many other methods that time is passing them by, it is important to only do what works, and stop what doesn’t.


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