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What is Page Rank?

There was a time that this was the only thing that a Google algorithm swore by. A page rank is a calculation that Google devised when they first came up with its entire calculation of valuing a webpage. It essentially places a weight on a given page, depending on many external and internal factors regarding the website. If you are looking to increase your page rank or PR as it is commonly known as, there are many things that you need to do.


The first thing is to have your website be properly optimized so it starts off on the right foot. Things like unique content, alt tags on images; proper meta tags and anything that will help the website load faster are things that rate you very high in terms of SEO. The next steps are to generate interest from external websites that will link back to your website, either by creating a link building strategy or simply linking objectively to your website from a credited source.


If page rank is something that you are looking to increase for your website and domain name, then you can hire the Toronto SEO firm, Rank Secure to provide you with the services that you need to promote your page rank for your domain name. From fully optimizing your website to properly ensuring that you have a great way to generate interest and back links to your domain, this is how to increase your page rank.


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