What Is Typography?

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What Is Typography?

Typography is one part art and one part science. It consists of arranging type. It’s very important to the work with your team whether it is your graphic designer, or content writers as well as any marketing consultant in order to have a proper typography strategy. Keep in mind that the choices related to your websites color scheme, typeface layout will be the difference between a beautiful website design and a completely unappealing one.

Typography’s Basic Elements

It can be thought by people that typography is all about color and font choices. This isn’t the case. Typography is about the color and font choices you make and so much more. The first term you would need to know is a typeface, a typeface is simply the name of the many text styles to choose from. There are many kinds of typefaces. The most common typefaces are Helvetica and Arial as well. Fonts are the additional formatting of a typeface. This formatting includes the height and width of the chosen typeface.

Some of the most common fonts are Courier, Verdana, and Times New Roman. Every typeface comes in a variety of different sizes. X-height is the height of each individual character. If your graphic designer is choosing multiple fonts, they will typically choose fonts that have the same or similar x-height. Because there is a name for the height of each charterer you can assume that there is a name for the width of each character in a font. The set width is the surface area that a charter takes up and the white space around it. You are probably familiar with the point system. It is the most popular way to measure type. It is something that most people can recognize easily. 1 point equals 1/2 of a pica and 12 points equal one pica. There are 72 picas in an inch.

Typography’s Advanced Elements

Now that you know the basics of typography. We can go on to explore some greater elements.

Leading is the vertical space between the line of words. The leading value is a term that means the measurable distance between one line of text and the line that is directly beside it weather above it or below it. Most people want a leading value that is larger than the font size, which typically can be anywhere from 1.25 to 1.5 times the actual size of the font. The term for tracking the spaces between each text character can also be referred as letter spacing. Kerning is very similar to track but exclusively refers to space in between letters and characters. There is also line length that is the standard length of the text that runs the way we read, from left to right and can be adjusted through each page’s margins. Hierarchy values act as a guide for the reader through the text by giving the headings different sizes by position. The headers are large, the subheadings are smaller and the body types are the smallest. Size usually defines the hierarchy value and can be accomplished through color choices, spacing, and dimensions.

Why It’s Important

There are many different benefits to using the right kind of typeface. One benefit is that it attracts the reader’s attention to it. It also can emit a certain kind of mood or feeling. This can influence the reader’s level or interest, concentration, and ultimately their desire to keep reading.

When looking at typography from a more technical viewpoint, using different typesets and font sizes can establish the view that this content element has a lot of importance. An example is using different typefaces for headers, paragraphs and bullet points.

Graphic designers know that the right typefaces help to beauty, harmony and clean lines. This is an advantage for any website.

Finally, if your business or organization meet with the public on a regular basis, the typeface can establish a wonderful brand with a good amount of brand recognition potential.

Online Marketing

Research clearly shows that using the right typefaces can drive the best results when creating a content marketing plan. It also tells us that if a font is working because people are more unlikely to buy anything from you because they find the experience to be unpleasant. As marketing professionals or graphic designers, it is important to consider this information. You do not want to realize that your website’s font is perceived badly online. This is one of the reasons that marketers and graphic designers often work together to find the right typeface to show a website in its best light.

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