10 Examples of Great Landing Page Design

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10 Examples of Great Landing Page Design

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1) Wistia

Up is Wistia’s landing page for their Free Wistia Account. Off the bat, you see the one-field type to develop your account– the blue, minimally patterned background contrasts well with the intense white kind field.
The length of the type field integrated with the popular positioning removes nearly all friction to produce an account … however if you’re having doubts, you can constantly scroll listed below to check out answers to leading FAQs. By separating these 2 areas with plain color contrast, Wistia makes it a lot easier for you concentrate on transforming.

2) Muzzle

Landing pages assist users to choose whether your product or service is really worth their valuable energy and time. What much better method to plainly and straightforwardly interact your worth proposal than by challenging visitors with the real issue your app resolves?.
Muzzle, a Mac app that silences on-screen alerts, totally accepts this program does not inform mindset on their otherwise very little landing page. Visitors to the page are welcomed with a rapid-fire assault of embarrassing alerts in the upper left of the screen. Not just is the animation humorous, it likewise handles to compellingly communicate the app’s effectiveness without lengthy descriptions.

3) Bills.com

Frequently, individuals believe landing pages are fixed pages on your site. With the right tools, you can make them customized and interactive.
TakeBills.com. You can take their online debt assessment, I had some stress and anxiety about not being accepted. When I discovered I did, I was thrilled to complete the offer, which I’m sure many people who owe money and utilizing this tool are. By making this deal appear more special prior to the type appeared on the landing page, I ‘d wager that Bills.com increased conversions quite considerably.

4) Trulia

Trulia did something really much like Bills.com with their landing page. It begins with a basic type requesting for “an address” (which sounds less scary than “your address,” although that’s exactly what they suggest). Listed below this easy kind field is a brilliant orange button that contrasts well with the hero image behind the kind, and highlights that the price quote will be individualized to your house.

5) Landbot

Landbot, a service that develops chatbot-based landing pages, puts their own product front and center on their chat-fueled landing page. Visitors are welcomed by a friendly but– with emojis and GIFs who motivates them to offer info in a conversational format.

6) Web profits

For a little contrast … exactly what about long landing pages? With simply a couple of techniques, you can make the longest landing page feel brief. At the top of the landing page, there’s a regular CTA button to find out more. It has a great contrast versus the background so it stands out, and a down arrow to motivate scrolling. By not putting a type field in advance, they help in reducing friction and develop a chance for visitors to find out more prior to exiting with a conversion alternative.

They likewise make it simple for you to determine exactly what Web profits really does. When you provide your info, the rest of the page uses in-depth info about exactly what you’ll get. Plus, it consists of tactical CTAs throughout to take you back to the leading to submit the type, like “Let’s Talk.”


In some cases, you’ve simply got to appreciate a landing and stop page for being gorgeous. Utilizing high-resolution photography and great deals of the white area, H.BLOOM’s landing page is an enjoyment to take a look at.
Aside from its charm, the page has some terrific conversions aspects: an above-the-fold type, succinct and clear description of exactly what’ll take place when you submit the kind, as well as the brilliant orange “Submit” button. The only thing we ‘d alter? The copy on the “Submit” button– that could be more particular to the deal at hand.

8) Velaro Live Chat

Often the tiniest information makes the greatest distinction. They’re exactly what makes Velaro Live Chat’s landing page remarkable.
The arrow in front of the sub-headline assists additional direct your attention to essential copy they desire visitors to check out. All of these little, relatively unimportant information assist bring together a strong, exceptional landing page style.

9) Airbnb

To assist transform visitors into hosts, Airbnb provides some attracting customization: an approximated weekly typical incomes forecast based upon your place. You can go into extra info about your possible lodgings into the fields to obtain a lot more personalized estimate.
If you go to the page currently encouraged, the clear call-to-action at the top of the page makes it simple to transform on the spot.

10) Conversion Lab

This is a unique landing page. The homepage is the whole site– the navigation links simply take you to the details listed below.

Ror help with your landing pag design or any other aspect of SEO and marketing contact Rank Secure today.

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