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Are you finding it difficult to reach top search engine positions in spite of making all possible efforts? Chances are that a number of factors have prevented your website from performing as per your expectation. The reason could be that your website doesn’t have the right words at the right place, or you don’t have a sufficient number of good links.

No matter what the problem is, it is clear that you are not doing things the right way.

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At Rank Secure, we provide SEO audit service to help our clients take steps in the right direction so that their website satisfies both the search engines and their end users. The importance of SEO audit has increased even more in the recent time because search engine best practices keep changing frequently these days. In this rapidly changing search engine landscape, Rank Secure can help you uncover new opportunities and lay the foundation for a successful future with our efficient SEO audit.

Complete SEO Audit Services

In our SEO audit service, we diagnose several issues that may restrict a website from reaching the optimum search engine rank. It is possible to code redirects in different ways by using PHP, CGI, JavaScript, or HTML scripts. Redirects play a critical role because they can send signals to the search engine bots and browsers to move towards another URL. 301 redirects are considered to be the most search engine friendly alternative amongst all. Redirects can be a serious issue during site migrations and redesigns because they can be coded in several ways and there are subtle differences between the redirects.

Server side issues often play a crucial part in the optimization of a website.

Proper server-side configuration is an extremely essential step to ensure the complete optimization of a website for the search engines. Some of the most common issues that can seriously impact your website’s performance are trailing slash, a Robots.txt file with a wrong configuration, ISP problems, etc.


Another common road block in the way of indexing of your website by the search engines is improper configuration of URLs. Different issues that our SEO audit service diagnoses are session IDs, SSL based pages, dynamic URLs, reference inconsistencies, etc.


A website’s optimal ability to be indexed by the search engines also depends on different navigational issues. Some of these issues are orphaned pages, sub directory depth, form and flash navigation, JavaScript, etc.

Achieve your desired SEO performance

Achieve your desired SEO performance.

Our SEO audit also analyzes your websites keywords, content, site structure, links, user experience, site statistics, social media, and competitor performance. Each SEO audit performed by Rank Secure follows a checklist so that the major points are all covered.


Our SEO service can provide you exactly what your website has been missing so far. Call us now and start your journey to achieve your desired SEO performance.

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We service Toronto, the GTA, including Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Newmarket and we also focus in the southern Ontario region as well. With over 18 years of providing SEO services and our proven track record, you will be happy to go with a company as experienced as Rank Secure.


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