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Pay per click is often referred to as cost per click. This is known as an Internet marketing model that is used to get more traffic to websites. The owner of the website is paid each time a person clicks on the advertisement placed on their website. This means that the more people who click on the ad, the more the owner of the website is paid.


In return, when someone clicks on the link, he or she is directed to the page where they are able to look at the products or services being advertised.

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With the advent of search engines, the practice nowadays is to bid on phrases and keywords that are pertinent to the market they are trying to target. Most of the content sites that use this mode of advertising usually charge a fixed rate per click in place of using the bidding system. This type of advertising also makes use of banner ads. These are displayed on websites in the search results of the sites that have contracted to show these ads.


Most of the websites that use the pay per click mode of advertisement show an advert when a keyword request is similar to any of the keywords in the advertiser’s keyword list. The advert will also be shown when the site displays any relevant information. These advertisements are usually referred to as sponsored links. These ads usually appear above, beside, or adjacent to the organic results of the search results. The ads may also appear wherever the web developer decides to place them. This shows how flexible this system can be.


Despite the many benefits associated with this mode of advertising, there are a number of drawbacks. This system is often open to abuse through what experts refer to as click fraud. Google has however, tried to control this form of abuse through the invention of automated systems to protect against web developers that are corrupt and create abusive clicks from competitors.


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