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20 guerilla marketing tactics

Guerrilla marketing is a kind of marketing that centers around using free or other wise low-cost options to make bold statements and keep you memorable so that you can make a great impression on the public and cement an image of fun and excitement being essential parts of your business.

The methods of traditional marketing are important but it is also essential to experiment with your marketing strategies to see what works. Guerrilla marketing is a great way to try something new. Here are 20 ways you can make a splashy (and hopefully viral) entrance into the world of guerilla marketing.


1. Social Media

Social media is a pretty obvious starting place. Creating innovative, cool content is a wonderful method to get massive exposure. Think about video gifs and pictures that would engage the mind of followers you would want. Then try to make content that would fit with those ideas. Hashtag trending is another good way to use social media, find a catchy hashtag and use it when sharing about your business and creating content.


2. Bloggers and Journalists

Contact well-known bloggers or journalists and give them a scoop or good story about your event that they will want to write about. or unknown organization that deserves more spotlight. Offer a press pass if they


3. Website Re-Branding

Change the colors or fonts on your website to reflect an even you are promoting. Don’t announce it, just have it launch one day and surprise people.


4.Outdoor Floor Murals or Temporary Graffiti

Drawing actual pictures on the sidewalks and other public places could really drum up interest.


4. Loyalty Systems

Loyalty systems are great for any kind of business. The customers that promote your business or use your hashtag could be rewarded with discounts. You could also have a sign-up page for a customer loyalty group.


5. Temporary Branded Tattoos

This is a really fun option that no one would be doing. You could connect this with other options on this list. Such as those that sign up for your loyalty program could receive free temporary tattoos. If they share a photo of them wearing them they get another discount.


6. Activity Vending Machines

This option would definitely make your brand memorable, doing this and combining it with giving away free things and you are on to a winning combination.


7. Pop Up Event

This small surprise event could be a fun precursor to a larger future event. It could entice people to want to buy tickets or share on social media


8. Silent Auctions

This great fundraising idea would double as an all around good time for your guests.


9. Interactive Ads

Mixing up traditional advertising is a unique way to get noticed and this can be done on a larger scale.


10. Gamification

Everyone, young and old loves to play games of some kind. This marketing strategy can help to make any process more fun and gives a good brand image for potential guests.


11. Targeted Flyer Dropping

Flyers are no longer the most effective option for getting the word out, but it can work in certain situations. All efforts to give away flyers should be highly targeted to the area for which your business is located or your event is being held.


12.Online Newsletters

This option is free and really effective. You can keep your customers involved. They can see the news and hear about promotions.


13. Unique Product Displays

Rent out a shop window and create unique displays that market your event, the most powerful ones catch the eye have a message but also give something back to those looking at it to make it more memorable.


14. Giveaways

A way to get attention is to give things away, you can give larger prizes that could be free event tickets, backstage passes or you could go for much smaller like samples of some of your catering for the day using pop-up stalls.


15. Car Signs

Millions of cars drive on the roads every day and other than the radio it can be hard to reach them, spruce your car up with signage and car attachments and drive around.!


16. Scattered Props

This is small, inexpensive items that are branded with your logo. These items should be noticeable but small enough to put in your pocket.


17. Local Event Sponsorship

A more traditional method that is affordable and particularly beneficial for local events you are trying to market. Attending other events such as street fairs or school fundraising evenings can be low-cost sponsorship but still reach your intended demographic.


18. Word of Mouth

This is a great option if you are promoting a event that would interest college age people. Hire some students to be part time “Brand Ambassadors” There job is to spread the word about your event and get people on campus excited.


19. Chalk The Streets

Use chalk to make great signs all around your event area. The bigger and cooler they are the better.


20. Free Food = People Showing Up

Advertise ( on your chalk ads) that free food and drink will be provide, that is a great way to get people to come find out what your event is about.


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