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Being a rural community doesn’t mean your business must operate the way things worked 50 years ago. Times have changed and even businesses in small towns can expand their business beyond their borders. The secret is Alma SEO services.

There is a wealth of opportunities for businesses using the internet. Opportunities come through new residents finding your store or service, tourists visiting your shop, or those in other communities ordering your products online.

Alma SEO

Alma SEO Service

All of these opportunities can be utilized by using Alma SEO services from Rank Secure. Rank Secure has worked with small and self-employed businesses for more than 18 years with enormous success. Our clients include dentists, medical professional offices, plumbers, handymen, salons, and retailers. All said that following our recommendations resulted in more customers and a better bottom line.


It may seem odd to those in a rural community to develop a significant online presence. After all, most locals may already be familiar with your business. The problem with that idea is there may also be many who aren’t. That is especially true for newcomers to the community.


Another obstacle is small businesses in close-knit communities do a lot of local advertising and assume that’s working for them, along with word-of-mouth. Neither may be as effective as you think.

Local advertising only gets your name out into the public sphere. It doesn’t target potential customers. It’s a broad net. People may or may not pay attention to an advertisement or a billboard.


Word-of-mouth can be great but research is showing that people trust online reviews as much as word-of-mouth. More people are going online too. Other research shows that 91% of people turn to the internet first to search out a product or service when they are considering purchasing.


Another 75% don’t go beyond the first search engine page to find a company but choose from the first few they see. All of this means that a small business that doesn’t have a good, high ranking in search engines and a strong online presence is missing out on a lot of business, even if you’re in a town that seemingly knows about you.

Expand Your Reach

Another aspect of Alma SEO services is that they allow small and self-employed businesses to expand their customer base to other cities. It could serve you well for others to find your products and services, even if you don’t have an online store. Many of our clients said getting ranked higher amounted to more phone calls to order products or services.


It would also give you a better geographical search engine presence so those passing through can find you when they search for stores in the area. Research shows 75% of those using geographical searches come to the store in the search. Those are customers most likely to buy.


Rank Secure has knowledge that we’ve had for almost two decades in working with Alma SEO and websites. We have a team of experts that cover every area that you need to get a higher ranking and better online presence from coding, to content writing, website design, and SEO.


We also do offline work to promote your websites like press releases, blogging, and directory submissions. It’s a lot of work but our white hat methods build your base organically and, over time, grow your business.

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