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Challenges exist for business owners trying to do their online marketing and SEO. One of the primary problems is the algorithms are complicated. The second problem is they are always changing. Business owners can’t seem to keep up with the changes to keep their online marketing current and run their business at the same time.


Many SEO companies claim they can do all this for you but Rank Secure is one of the few that has a proven track record that stretches back almost 20 years. Our professionals use white hat, proven Burlington SEO strategies that guarantee a return on investment. We have outlined goals, reasonable time to accomplish them, and methods to reach every step in the process.

Burlington SEO Services


Studies show that 56 percent of those seeking out a website on their smartphone will drop it if it doesn’t load within three seconds. Responsiveness of websites to look good and be easily navigatable on all types of electronic devices is more important than ever. Yet, some website companies still haven’t implemented full responsiveness into their platforms.


Ease-of-use and fast upload times, even on a personal computer, are two things that will either get you more customers or slam your website into non-existence. We have experts that know how websites function best, attract the most customers, and use SEO that gets you seen.


One of the secrets of good SEO is to focus it on customers who would spend money on your business. Other SEO companies try a broad base approach to cast a wide net. The trouble with that is you are including many people who have no interest in your business.


Our professionals use Burlington SEO services to make your business stand out in the competition and use niche marketing to get those who would buy from you to see your business online and in the community.

We don’t forget you after your SEO campaign is completed. We check in with you to find out if your SEO is still effective. We know updates may be needed because the web is constantly changing. At Rank Secure, we stay on top of our plan for your business and make changes as needed to keep you on top of the competition.

One of the best aspects of Rank Secure is that we know small businesses need a personalized approach to meet their exact needs. We provide a free analysis of your website and make recommendations of how to improve your results. Our more than 50 affordable plans will fit any number of industries and can be customized for your exact needs and budget.

We check in often with our clients, making sure their existing SEO strategy is still effective. The best practices for search engine algorithms are continuously evolving, so we need to stay on top of our strategies and tweak them along the way as needed.

Our Process

Contact us via phone, email, or contact form to set up a consultation. During the consultation, we’ll discuss your clientele, your company’s background, what you’re looking to achieve, and more. We’ve found that the more we know about your business, the more effective and personalized our solutions can be.

After we learn more about your business, we go to the drawing board and develop a custom strategy that will work for you. We use SEO tools, competitive research, keyword research, and more to create optimized content across all your platforms to boost web traffic, increase engagement, and drive sales.

After setting up your new SEO strategy, we won’t leave you high and dry! We track and record data to measure your website’s progress, ensuring that your new strategy is working as planned. If it isn’t performing, we make changes and edit the SEO strategy until we can see you getting results.

We Are Your Top Choice For Burlington SEO

With over 18 years of SEO experience, we have perfected the quality of our services and discovered effective and innovative solutions for our clients. We know what is needed to outrank customers despite the increasing competition and evolving markets. Whether you’re looking for an SEO analysis website redesign or a complete SEO service package, we’ve got you covered.

How Much Will SEO Services Cost Me?

We have different SEO packages available to fit varying business needs. If you prefer to create a custom SEO package, we can also accommodate that. Get in touch with us to receive an estimate for our Burlington SEO services.

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Work with a reliable, experienced, and professional team that knows how to use SEO effectively. We can help make the vision you have for your brand come to life. Call us today to start getting the leads you need for your business.

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