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Chatham is popular during the summer with its beaches, fishing, and car show drawing many to the area. However, businesses serving the 105,000-plus population can’t survive on summer business alone. A constant flow of business is needed throughout the year to keep the area thriving. That is where Chatham SEO services come in.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is most known for using certain keywords to get a search engine like Google to pick up on a business webpage and rank it as high as possible. While that sounds simple, it is a complicated process. A professional company like Rank Secure can use its online expertise to provide long-term success in solid, high rankings in your area while those who try it on their own are left visibly limited.

Chatham SEO

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization Services Chatham-Kent Ontario

It wasn’t so long ago that a small business knew exactly who its competitors were. It was the shop across town or in the next town. You knew their products, services, and prices and competed to be the best.

Today, competition is the world. People can order off online marketplaces and have it delivered to their door.


Potential customers can compare prices of six places in four cities without you ever hearing a word from them. All of their attention is given to those who are highly visible online and who have impressive websites that tell them you know what you are doing. This is why you need a Chatham SEO services company like Rank Secure. We can help you make the most out of an SEO strategy that will result in more customers and more sales over time.


Unlike other similar companies, Rank Secure has trackable and traceable results that show you the changes our professional team made is effective for your business. It won’t be an overnight boom. It takes six months to a year to see some serious results, according to all marketing surveys. However, we do guarantee to work with you to craft a doable plan and stick with you to make sure your goals are met.

One Proven Method

Rank Secure employs many ethical methods to get your business to rank higher in search engines. Those include content writing, improved responsiveness, better layout, SEO, and incorporating your website more effectively with your social media and other off-line advertising. One of the methods that proved to be most successful is getting more great online reviews. According to a BrightLocal 2020 consumer survey, 79 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations.

Notwithstanding building more grounded buyer organization connections, positive business surveys will likewise add to your Chatham organization’s search engine optimization (SEO).  This implies the positive notoriety or audits will advance enhanced rankings on various search engines, for example, Google or Yahoo!.  This is critical to business achievement in light of the fact that the higher a business is in search engine rankings, the more prominent the measure of people who will tap on the URL and wind up plainly potential clients.

Some businesses do well paying for an outside survey to poll consumers about their business. This shows them what form of marketing is the most effective and helps a pick the best option for that targeted consumer group. However, this isn’t the only option Rank Secure can offer. We have many techniques at our disposal that can raise your visibility using ethical protocols accepted by search engines.

What Techniques Can Be Used to Generate Positive Reviews?

Sometimes people think that reviews on websites are falsified either by paying people to give reviews or having employees submit them. Unfortunately, there are examples where this is valid, however, there are different strategies accessible to get one of the kind reviews from genuine consumers.  The basic technique is to work with the purchaser.

The first and most obvious option is to request surveys, especially in the event that you are a developing business.  You should definitely not be pushy about it, but instead ask kindly after the exchange has been completed.  Always tell the individual they are not obliged to give a review but rather you would be thankful on the off chance that they could impart their insight since this will enable you to enhance your services, and that would benefit everyone.

A few buyers don’t have the persistence or time to compose long reviews and this is regularly the reason the review is not completed.  To make the process less demanding and get constructive reviews, it is suggested that the looking into different formats that simplify the process. , a 5-star rating framework could be used.  This is advantageous for individuals who utilize Twitter and Facebook, and it is helpful for SEO on the grounds that some search engines don’t acknowledge outsider survey website tributes.

It is frequently the case that individuals contact great reviewers to express gratitude toward them for their positive reviews, yet make it a point to ignore negative reviews  This is a mistake.  By hearing both the positive and negative you can learn so much, and show potential customers that you care.  Furthermore, quick and direct contact with negative reviewers can definitely help remedy a situation.


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One of the best things Rank Secure offers to Chatham businesses is a free analysis of their business website. This is a thorough look at all parts of the website to find out what works and what can be done better. Our professionals will then talk with you about implementing proven strategies to make your online real estate perform at its best.

We have affordable Chatha SEO service plans that we customize specifically for your industry and business. However, we are also happy to help you if you need something small like fixing some technical glitches that may be lowering your ranking.


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