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The biggest mistake a business owner can make is thinking their website and SEO are only a small portion of their company’s success. The truth is those businesses who don’t have a well-functioning, modern website with a strong online presence probably won’t succeed.

A stake in your share of online real estate is crucial today. A fast, dependable website that looks sharp, is responsive, and is easy for customers to use can mean a lot more customers and repeat customers.

Let’s face it, a customer will click off if they don’t see your website in just a few short seconds or if they can’t navigate it on their cell phone or tablet. Your website is always “on” so it needs to always work to make your business a success. Rank Secure can help you get the most work out of your website.

Rank Secure has all the tools and knowledge necessary to ensure your website dominates your online by using targeted words for your industry so clients trying to find your products and services online will notice your business. Rank Secure guarantees your website will regularly and continuously draw clients for you.

Coquitlam SEO

The Rank Secure method does not focus on attempting to fill a screen with click advertisements and flashing banners.

The internet is all about connections and most of those are hidden, so you don’t see them. Rank Secure knows how to build connections behind the scenes to influence search pages rankings.

Web spiders and bots look for certain things while searching your page. Items they find tell them where the site needs to be ranked. Some of that relates to informative content with targeted words. Some of that regards links to other pertinent pages.


Links that these spiders and bots look at include both backlinks and hyperlinks. Backlinks are other sites connecting to your pages on the backend. Hyperlinks are both how you connect to another page and how other sites connect to your site on the front end, where the customer can see the link. Both are important to be ranked high.


Rank Secure knows how to connect to the right high-ranking pages to improve your ranking. That, along with its SEO skills, allows Rank Secure to help jet your website off to success.


There are more than 100 SEO companies in Canada but not all of them are quality companies. Quality SEO companies, like Rank Secure, use best practice techniques to help their clients achieve their ranking goals. Not every company does.


Quality SEO doesn’t need unethical practices to be effective. Your website is an investment in your business. It must represent the best of your business and Rank Secure believes the only want to do that for their clients is through ethical methods.

The most crucial element of our organization is that we do the work ourselves.

Too frequently, lazy web advancement and SEO companies contract out parts of their work in order to get the task done much faster or more inexpensively. When you utilize our service, you can be guaranteed that every dollar you put in is going towards work that straight benefits your companies and has an effect on your search engine outcomes.
The greatest ranked connections are those working both methods when your page links to a website and that website link back to your page. Our long-lasting work is now paying off for your organization.


The web is everything about connections, and the majority of those connections are concealed from view. That is the fantastic trick of making SEO work effectively. You need to construct the connections behind the scenes so that you can see an influence on the search pages.

To see how this works, let’s think about a significant online search engine like Google.

Experts at Rank Secure do the work with everything staying internal. They don’t flush work out to subcontractors to get fast and cheap work. That leads to inferior quality, which means inferior outcomes to you, the client. Rank Secure focuses on the quality of genuine work. After all, every dollar aimed at marketing matters and we want to assure our customers that every dollar put toward website marketing will have a direct effect on your online search engine outcomes.


That means we don’t have click advertisements or clickbait. There aren’t any flashing banners. However, there are important things that will build trust and confidence with your customers, make your company look effective and rewarding, and showcase its mission.


Rank Secure can evaluation your website and show you how to make it effective in both improving its search engine ranking and turning those researching your page into paying customers.


Professionals at Rank Secure can answer your questions, listen to your challenges and goals and create a customized plan for your online business. It can handle all different types of challenges and remove obstacles that are preventing you from growing your online presence.

Call Rank Secure now to see what they can do for you and your business.

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