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Web Design & SEO in Dundas

Dundas has a lot of things that make it great for business. It appeals to tourists and is close to larger cities like Mississauga, Burlington, and Toronto. As desirable as Dundas is, businesses can’t thrive without some serious digital marketing.


Digital marketing is a way of life for today’s businesses. Dundas SEO services can get your business noticed among similar businesses in larger cities and draw customers beyond the limits of Dundas to your shop.

Dundas SEO

Search Engine Opimization in Dundas (SEO & SEM)

Rank Secure starts with researching your industry, your business, and your competitors to see how your business stacks up online. Our team of experts develops ways for your business to do things your competitors aren’t to improve your search engine ranking.


Some of them are technical like improving your metadata or coding in the backend of your website. A lot of what we do is more creative and visible like improving your website design, using good keywords, and uploading solid content articles full of good information for customers.


These are the types of things that search engines like Google like and place value on. It’s things like this that get your website ranked higher and noticed by customers.

Why It's Important to Hire a Professional?

Many business owners may try to save money by doing their own website but are disappointed to find their site isn’t giving them the results they thought it would. That’s because creating a website that performs well is more than just hitting a few clicks.


One of the issues that hold many websites back is speed. Some easy-up websites don’t load fast enough to maintain a potential customer’s interest. Studies show that 56% of those searching online using their mobile phones will drop out of the search if the website they want doesn’t upload in three seconds.


A professional team like what we have at Rank Secure has the knowledge and skills to resolve these types of issues. The result is more customers and more sales.


More businesses are selling online than ever. A website that is regularly updated with products, content and that is easy to navigate in the checkout is crucial. It is also important to link your business website with your social media and video channels to promote your products and show customers how to use them.


Using connected mixed media improves the effectiveness of all of your platforms, according to university studies. Each amplifies the other and is an excellent way to promote branding in a wide fashion.

Free Audit

Rank Secure offers a free audit of your business website. It is a thorough evaluation that looks at all aspects of your site both in the backend and the frontend. We then talk to you about what we find and make recommendations on how to improve your site’s performance.


Rank Secure as affordable plans that can be customized for any industry. We listen to you and work with you on each step until you get the results you set for goals. Call us today for your free audit and see what we can do for your business!

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