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Facebook Header Image Design

Your Facebook header image design offers the perfect opportunity to showcase yourself as a professional. It is also a great opportunity to visually share your brand personality with your page visitors. Rank Secure can create a killer Facebook header image design that wows your visitors, showcases your credibility and drives traffic to your site.

Facebook Header Image design Services

Social media marketing is a fantastic strategy for building an audience and attracting new business.

However, your competitors are using every tool at their disposal to gain a loyal audience of followers who like and share their posts. If you want to be top of mind for your ideal customers, you need to let go of the generic, or unprofessional Facebook cover.


You need a professional Facebook header image design that makes you stand out in the crowd. Your header should be fresh, stylish, modern and above all else – memorable.

Let Your Facebook Header Image Design Steal Hearts

Most people are on Facebook for recreational purposes. They like and share dozens of pretty images, cute jokes and inspirational quotes every day. That means that your Facebook header image design has to stand out.


People form a first impression in only 7 seconds, and that’s all the time you have to ensure they stick around. You can’t wait for them to scroll past your mediocre header towards your insightful, valuable posts, which are bound to hook them. No – you have to catch them from the moment they see your header.


Pretty is no longer enough. Inspirational is not bad. But your Facebook header image design really needs to impact on your visitors. It needs to speak to them, like words never could. It needs to punch them in the eye, and tug at their heartstrings. Most importantly, it needs to pull them towards your call-to-action buttons.
Rank Secure’s Facebook Header Image Design Service.


Use those precious first seconds, and your social media property to the max. Let Rank Secure create a visually attractive Facebook header image design that speaks to your audience.


A professionally designed Facebook header image design will help:

increase your company’s brand awareness

show that you are an industry leader

promote your products and services

We can include the following on your Facebook header image design:

Company Name & Logo

Tagline, Services & Products + Images

Please note: Facebook prohibits users from including contact information, arrows to ‘like us’, calls to action, prices and payment terms on Facebook header image designs.

Facebook Header Image Design Service & Social Media Packs

The Rank Secure team not only creates Facebook header image designs, but we can craft a unique, professional and consistent look for all your social media profiles. From custom-designed Google+ covers to Twitter backgrounds, we do it all.


Over the years, we have created thousands of custom social media page designs, banners and graphics for our clients, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Youtube covers.


Why you should hire the professionals to create your Facebook header image:

Rank Secure has the experience, expertise and the tools needed to do a professional job, thus saving you time and hassle.

We do it all – from Facebook to LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus, to ensure that you get a uniform look across platforms, operating systems and devices.

We take great pride in delivering artwork that will make you excited. Happy customers are our lifeblood.

Competition is harsh these days, and unless you’re a professional designer, you want to ensure that your brand looks just as fantastic as any of the big brands.


Don’t let big brands cause you to shy away from professional designs due to the perceived price tag. Here at Rank Secure we work with big and small companies alike, offering quality Facebook header image designs that suit your brand and your pocket.


In fact, most of our business is built on referrals from ecstatic clients. We live for awesome customer experiences, and that’s why we employ only the best designers, developers, SEO specialists and content creators who take pride in their work and in our brand philosophy.


Contact us today to learn more about our social media design package, or if you simply need a Facebook header image design. We look forward to being of service to you.

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