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Gananoque SEO

The Gateway to the 1000 Islands sees a lot of tourists but there are still 5,159 residents that are year-round customers to its local businesses.



How many of them are you getting into your shop? If the answer is “not enough,” you should look to Gananoque SEO services for help.

One of the problems with an area like Gananoque is there is constant change.



Tourists come and go and most aren’t familiar with the area and its unique stores. Even residents can sometimes get caught in the habit of just going to the larger store they are familiar with rather than venturing into a smaller shop to find what they need.



This is why Gananoque SEO is so important. It helps customers find your store, your products and even shows them what they can buy from you online. All of that means more customers and more revenue for your business.

Gananoque SEO

Competition Is Tough

In days gone by, local stores competed with each other. One may offer a better price than the second shop across town but local customers would buy from one of the two so both ended up doing well.

Times have changed. Customers, even local ones, have more options. They can travel to a larger city to shop, order online, or go to a large box store. Local store owners must get their products and name in front of potential customers online to succeed and Gananoque SEO is one way to do that.

How SEO Works?

Search engine optimization (SEO) has many facets to it but two of the easiest ones to understand are product and geographical searches. Rank Secure uses keywords so that when customers search for a product or a store near them, it pulls up your business.


This is highly important because 75% of those doing an online search will not go beyond the first search page. We use white hat methods to do this and that includes targeting your customers in niche markets and with longer phrases to identify them geographically.


It takes some knowledge and skill to make this work effectively, which is why those who try to build their own website don’t see the results they expected. Rank Secure has a team of highly-skilled professionals that know how everything, from website design to content writing, works to build your Gananoque SEO.

It's Affordable

Small businesses are always concerned about money. Most question whether money spent on marketing is wasted or will work to bring a good return on investment. The good news is Rank Secure digital marketing plans will, over time, bring in solid returns. Our past customers are testimonials to that.


Plus, we offer affordable plans to small businesses that can be customized to fit your exact needs and goals. It may take six months to a year to get your website performance where it needs to be but our team at Rank Secure will work with you to ensure it happens.

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