Google Penalty Removal Service

The search engine landscape has become extremely complicated in the last few years. This can be attributed to some extent to the introduction of Google algorithms. The objective behind these algorithms is to make search results free of webspams. These changes have resulted in serious loss in terms of rankings for several websites. Most others have experienced at least some changes in the search results for their core keywords. Most unfortunate part about these penalties is that it takes an enormous amount of time and effort for any business to recover from its effects. However, you have certainly arrived at the right place if your business is still languishing under the effect of Google penalties. At Rank Secure, we provide specialized recovery service for penalties related to Panda, Penguin, Unnatural links, or exact match domains.

In early 2011, Google introduced Panda,  their first major update in the recent years. This update targeted websites with low quality content and many websites with duplicated or poor content were hit by Panda. Google Penguin was the next one to be introduced in the year 2012.  This update was mostly about penalizing websites making use of poor quality internal and external links. Penguin also targets any violation of Google’s guidelines relating to cloaking and keyword stuffing. In more recent times, we have seen Google taking action on the grounds of unnatural link usage and exact match domains.


Rank Secure can be your one stop shop for all types recovery service for Google penalty within a price that you can easily afford. Our service starts with a thorough assessment of your website to figure out the areas where it is not compliant with the Google guidelines. This penalty assessment service is done to chalk out a detailed plan of action for elimination of problems. This audit helps our clients gather a detailed understanding about factors that lead to Google penalty and take preventive measures in the future.



Rank Secure is extremely popular in the SEO fraternity for their Google penalty cleanup and recovery service. Since last couple of years, we have helped many of our clients to regain their previous rank or to minimize the extent of damage caused. However, it is important to remember here that this recovery process is an extremely long and tedious one. It is difficult to guarantee results for this service because the entire process takes place without any assistance from Google. Since we do not have any control over the linking of websites, it is difficult to make any forecasts about the results of Google recovery process. However, you can be rest assured that Rank Secure is your best bet in this area to recover from all types penalties imposed by Google.

We wish and pray that your website stays safe from these dreadful penalties. However, we are there for immediate assistance if you ever run into such problems.