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Hotel SEO

What are some crucial hotel SEO tips? Ready to start improving your website and attracting more guests? Great! Let’s look at five of the most crucial SEO tips for hotels, why’re they’re so important, and how you can start doing them today.

SEO for Hotels

1. Start Small: Write Unique Page Titles And Descriptions

You can usually edit your page titles and meta descriptions within your content management system. If you don’t have one of these, or it doesn’t give you this option, you can also do this manually in HTML. You can learn more about this on this Google Webmaster Help page.

Having unique titles and meta descriptions for each page of your site can help tell those finding your hotel in search what that particular page is about, what kind of information it contains, and why they should visit your site as opposed to a competitor’s. It also gives you a great opportunity to use the keywords you want to target to rank better.

One of the best ways to start improving your website is by updating your page titles and meta descriptions. Each page on your website has a unique title and meta description that tell people looking at the search results what it is your page is about. The title is what appears at the top of each page, or as the biggest item in the search results, while the meta description is the 1-2 sentence description you usually see under the title in Google.

You may have been overwhelmed if you’ve already read a little of the SEO advice for hotels online. There’s a lot to take in, and for beginners, SEO can be extremely complicated. Our advice to you is this: start small, and improve your site as you learn.

2. Target The Keywords and Words Associated with Your Hotel

Think for a moment about how you would expect potential guests to find your hotel online. Now look at your website.

A crucial component of SEO is using the right keywords that is, the words and keywords that people are actually using to find websites like yours. Search engines like Google are very smart, buy they still have to see the keywords you want to rank for on your site to include you in that ranking. Unless the keywords you thought of already appear on your site, you probably aren’t showing up in searches for them!

3. Write Keyword-Rich, Highly Relevant Content.

Because it gives you a great place to place the keywords you’re targeting, content can be a huge part of your SEO strategy. If you wanted to rank highly for a keyword like “luxury hotel in Georgia,”” you might write a page that contains that keyword a few times. Content can also help with your SEO in a few other ways, too.

Another strategy that you can use to improve your SEO involves the creation of content. By content we” re talking about pages just like this one– informative articles, blog posts, or other features that can attract people who are searching for information or trying to find something online.

4. Scale Your SEO: Acquire Links From Other Websites.

This factor has lead to a practice known as link building. Link building involves the acquisition of links to your website from other sites. It may involve a number of tactics, like directly asking for links, guest posting to other blogs, or creating viral content that naturally attracts links.

This is ne of the biggest factors that Google takes into consideration when deciding how to rank sites for any given search term is the number of links that each site has pointing at it. A site that has a thousand links pointing at it from different websites has a better chance at ranking # 1 than a site that has just ten links. Basically, the more popular and more talked about the website, the more likely it is that Google will place you in the top spot.

There are many ways to build or earn links. For hotels, because they do not often have a lot of content or their own blog, this process can be tricky. One way that hotels can accomplish this is by doing something newsworthy and contacting the press about it– for example, notifying the press about an event sponsored by the hotel, room makeovers, an expansion, and so on.

A word of Caution

Never use keyword stuffing. When you write sentences or paragraphs that don’t make any sense but are stuffed full of the words and keywords you want to rank for, this is. Google frowns on this activity, and potential guests who see it are likely to get confused and leave your site.

If you need any help with your SEO strategy, we are Rank Secure are here to help.

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