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How Does Facebook Advertising Work

It is reasonable to question how Facebook advertisements work and how they can be best for you. This article is going to explain why they are the best option for you, and how to start using them. There are several reasons why Facebook should be a part of your advertising strategy and this article with example those for you.

Facebook advertising allows you to target a specific audience that is already interested in what your business has to offer. Then it allows you to connect with that audience and then drive that traffic to your business. With Facebook, you can use the massive amount of data collected on every user to your ultimate advantage.


In order to use Facebook ads efficiently, you have to make a plan. The first part of any plan is to nail down the goals to be accomplished. Examples of goals could be to increase traffic to your website, to generate warm leads, or to make actual sales. Your goal will determine your next actions.


Now that you know the goal of your Facebook ad camp again decided you now need to figure out to whom your Facebook ads show be viewed. You can do this by a process called audience segmentation, this process is simply you filling out a profile of your ideal client and Facebook matching that profile with actual people and them displaying your ads to the people it matched you with and any person that it feels would be a somewhat match to the profile. Facebook is entirely customizable. There are thousands of parameters that you can select that would give you the best and most personal results.


Now that you have a goal and an audience to help you achieve said goal you need to actually create the advertisement that you want to be displayed to your audience. Your ad needs to be big and readable, preferably with visual aspects. It needs to be able to look good on computers, but you should focus a lot effort in making it look good on mobile devices. This is because people access social media on their mobile devices a large percentage more than on their computers


After you have created your ad and it is being displayed for your targeted audience you then need to study your analytics. It is going to tell you if your ad campaign is working, and what aspects can be done better. It is important to read and understand your analytical data that is provided.


Similar to other ad providers such as Bing or Google, Facebook ads use an auction system to help determine which people’s ad will be displayed to an audience. Facebook advertising uses a concept called competitive value. This is a term that can be qualified by the total sum of an advertiser’s bid. This means what they are willing to pay every time a user interacts with the advertisement in the way they desire. Also, Facebook considers the advertisement’s intrinsic quality which is the amount of engagement that the ad provides to Facebook and the experience of the user. These factors are integrated into the decision of which ads are displayed, however, no one knows exactly how.


Helpful Tips for Facebook Advertisement


1. Social Engagement

In order to be successful with any kind of Facebook advertisement, you need Fan engagement. This means they need to be liking, sharing and posting on your page. So post often, and always provide useful content. Also, it is important to not place a barrage of advertisements as posts everyday People will notice and go elsewhere. Instead place useful content with links back to your business or offer some other benefit like a free consultation for only your Facebook fans. You need to connect with them to be successful.


2. Integrate Social Engagements with Your Ad

A great Facebook ad option is engagement ads. These ads are completely within the confines of Facebooks. This means that the ad that you create a link to another Facebook page instead of an external website. This creates a great user experience. Those that choose to can like your ad by clicking the link button directly on the ad, they can also hover over the ad easily like share and comment.


3. An Approach to Engagement Ads

A common approach that works is using a phrase like “click like if you…” This is a great option because it reminds those reading it to click the like button on your ad, and increase social engagement, also it can stand out amount different kinds of Facebook advertisement.


Choosing an advertisement strategy can be tough. Once you choose, implementing that strategy can be even tougher. Choose Rank Secure today to help find the best marketing and SEO strategies for you and your business.

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