Do you run a business or help promote one? Are you also a gaming enthusiast? Then I have some exciting news that you probably wouldn’t think of in your wildest dreams. Pokémon Go is probably one of the most played apps as we speak. When you see people walking on the sidewalk with their phones, I think you know what they are so occupied doing. This is the perfect time and opportunity for your business to take advantage on it. According to Social Media Examiner there are effective ways to boost your business. The main idea is to getting people to your business. Social media is so useful these days so use it. Invite users to come play at your specific location. I’ll provide an example similar to the one the website has outlined. Hey gamers, Shoppers Drug Mart Owners here! Catch a Pokémon at one of our franchise locations! Post the picture in the comments for a chance to win a $15 gift card. Well notify the winners on Sept 1st.

Think about it, when playing Pokémon Go, there are only two minor problems with it, ok maybe three. It is super addictive, it drains your battery and it uses up data. So if you give the people what they want I guarantee this will drive them towards your business. SO what do you do? Offer WIFI and charging stations. Have signs available with your message! Without a doubt you will get a huge market and crowd.

I have found that people love sharing with one another the Pokémon’s they have caught with one another. I’m sure people are already sharing on social media. Why not do this then. Ask users to take a photo of their favourite Pokémon’s that they have caught taken at your company and ask them to tag your business in the photo. This will create massive exposure for your company. For example, caught this charmander at Dave’s Bar and Grill on St. Clair. In addition, look for these messages and reach out to your crowd. Nothing is more satisfying then you thanking someone for their help.

Do you have an amazing product and business that you want to send across to the world? Get users to take pictures of Pokémon with your products. And of course get them to share it on social media. Have them also provide a short but sweet message. Hey everyone, who is playing Pokémon Go right now? I’m at HMV right now and they are having a massive sale on Vinyl’s and I just caught a Drowzee. I just killed two birds with one stone.

poke snapchat
Your probably getting the trend that social media is the way to go, because the younger generation uses it the most. Snapchat is also one of the hottest apps right now. I definitely think it’s up there with Instagram. Encourage users to take snaps of the Pokémon they are catching inside your company. People tend to have so many friends on Snapchat so they will see images of your business.

Any of all of the above I believe are effective ways to market your business. Not why take advantage of one of the most popular games right now. Everyone should get the glory not just the user or the owner of the game. I think some people started to believe that Pokémon Go was going to be a phase like the ice bucket challenge. But I don’t think this game is going to be obsolete anytime soon my friends. Use the resources that are being given to you.

Fun fact for everyone. Did you know that according to Recode, approximately 9.5 million people play Pokémon daily. In a nutshell, you would be crazy to not use Pokémon Go to market your business.