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Internet Marketing Service

Rank Secure is a professional internet marketing company dedicated to helping their clients build a robust online presence in the online marketplace. As a renowned internet marketing service provider, we specialize in offering custom made service packages targeted towards achieving specific business goals.

Search engine optimization

Most of you are certainly well aware of this term as this has been one of the buzzwords of the online business landscape since quite some time. At Rank Secure, we believe that effective SEO starts with building a strong action plan. In order to ensure the best results for you, we carry out a thorough investigation of the website and its linking history to understand its present status. This can be divided into two categories. On page review takes care of development of on-page keyword list, website content and its current state, page titles, site map, interlinking, and health check of Google Webmaster Tools. Whereas, the presence of social link, link from high authority sites, and review of the site back link are the parts of off page linking strategy.

The process of SEO implementation at Rank Secure is designed to produce results that are permanent. Unlike many our competitors, we never promise instant results because an efficient SEO campaign can not be built overnight. Some of the top benefits of our SEO service includes

Highly proficient team of internet marketing professionals, Dedicated and custom made, SEO campaign for every client to ensure best results, Comprehensive SEO reporting for all clients, Only white hat SEO practices are followed.

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Pay Per Click

Since a long time, Rank Secure has been building highly efficient pay per click campaigns for their clients. We are a strong believer of the power of paid search advertising using campaigns such as Google Adwords, Microsoft Bing, Facebook Advertising, and Yahoo! Search. Google Adwords is certainly the most efficient of all because it provides at least four times greater search traffic comparing to any other search engines. It also provides unique opportunities for mobile advertising and access to the content network of Google. Facebook advertising is great for brand building when implemented through a well made banner advertising plan. The best part about Facebook advertising is that it is capable of segregation in terms of age, gender, interest, marital status, region, etc. Some top benefits of using pay per click advertising are

Advertisements can be set up within a few minutes.

Geographical targeting of the ads.

Ad delivery to mobile devices.

Specific landing page development for by products and services.

Publishing ads to millions of websites via content networks.

Determination of pay per click fee and maximum budget per day.

Local Business Advertising

This is high time for your business to get started with this if you are not already into it. Recent changes in the search engine landscape has made local business advertising extremely important. You may have noticed that now Google Places listings are often included prominently in the Google search page. According to Google, 20% of all online searches are localized in nature. Therefore, your business can also benefit a great deal just by optimizing itself for Google Places. Local listings from Bing and Yahoo! Can also be of great use for your business. Yelp is another efficient platform for people to find out local businesses they are looking for. Rank Secure’s local business service includes

Personalization of existing business listing and inclusion of businesses in the local listing.

Timely update of relevant business details such as contact information, changes in business hours, images, videos, new offers, discounts, etc.

Local listing with efficient platforms such as Google, Yelp, Bing, and Yahoo!

Business profile maintenance and ongoing reporting.

Social Media

With the internet becoming extremely social, social media has quickly emerged as an effective alternative for businesses to get the word out. However, it has been observed that many businesses are still not sure about how to make the most out of this emerging trend. Our social media management service is the ultimate solution that will help you define the brand and social presence for your business. Our team of social media experts will build, monitor, and maintain social media campaigns for your business using platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more. Our social media management tasks include

Creating custom branded business profile.

Status updates on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Traffic reporting from referral sources.

Video creation and optimization for YouTube.

YouTube video commenting.

Building strategy for verification and reply.

Email Marketing

This has always been one of the most cost efficient and popular internet marketing techniques to stay connected with both your existing and prospective clients. We can help with the right kind of tools and techniques, to ensure a high conversion rate for your email marketing campaign. Our email marketing service will allow you to

Efficiently manage a huge contact list.

Send emails to a large number of contacts using different email templates.

Make a schedule of campaigns to send hundreds of emails at any given time and date.

Access reports on email opening rate.

Ensure high deliverability by using spam checker.