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Businesses serving King City’s 6,970 population are finding that times are changing and maybe considering what going online can do for them. It is a trend many more businesses will be considering in the future as more delve into the reality of how the economy changed with the pandemic.


Getting a state of online real estate now using website SEO Optimization King City will position businesses well to not only survive but thrive with new customers and sales.

King City SEO

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It may be a surprising fact but 68% of small businesses currently have no online presence. The reasons vary but generally, most small business owners feel it is an expensive option that may not result in a better bottom line.

Online is where the buying population is. While that has always been true, it is more evident since the pandemic. Lockdowns and fear about going into public places have escalated online product searches and purchases.

Business activity increased by 27.9% in 2020. Statistics also so that 91 percent of those looking to buy a product or service do an online search before they do anything else. Where many small businesses in places like King City put a lot of emphasis on word-of-mouth to garner customers, today’s consumers put as must trust in consumer reviews as they do a personal recommendation.

Online consumers are low-hanging fruit for small businesses because they are already looking to buy. The business that gets them to see their products and services on their business website will end up with more sales.

Rank Secure can show you how to improve your website to prime it for conversions. It can be a complicated process because it involves several aspects from technical coding to website layout and responsiveness to keywords.

A small business doesn’t have to compete with a big box store for higher search engine rankings. Rank Secure has tried and true methods that make the most of niche searches. With these white hat techniques, keywords can be used to point those looking for products you offer to your store.

Keywords are also great to use for geographic searches. This helps those who would otherwise pass by your store find you. Research shows those who go to your store using near me searches are likely to buy.

Properly using keywords, high-quality website content, and other offsite strategies like press releases and directory submissions can bring you more business. Rank Secure has proven that with past customers stating over 18 years that following our recommendations results in expanding business.

Website SEO Optimization King City could be the thing that takes your business to the next level. However, it will only work if you use a professional company like Rank Secure who implements the strategy ethically. Rank Secure will stick with you while the strategy works to get you to your goals.

Rank Secure has a philosophy that partnering with business owners to create a customized plan that fits their goals and budget has the best chance of succeeding. We listen to business owners and use their input into a plan that is specific to their industry and business. We work with both those who have current websites and those who have no online presence and need a website. Our web designers can get your business started the right way online.

Our team does a lot of research into a client’s industry, business, products, and competition to develop a solid plan that will work to get them more traffic, more customers, and more sales. No other company puts in the work we do to make sure your business thrives with our plan.

We create a step-by-step plan that has traceable, trackable methods so you can see what is causing positive results in your business. This ensures a return on your investment and gives you confidence in your business’s future.

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