Mobile Marketing Service


According to the latest statistics, there are fifty five million tablet users and one hundred and thirty million Smartphone users only in the United States. During the year 2012, over 16% of the total purchases made during the Black Friday was done using mobile devices. The figure is expected to be even higher during this November. Experts suggest that, within the next three years, mobile may go past desktop in terms of  overall time spent.

This is the exact reason why many businesses are now willing to gain more exposure for their business by going mobile. This is where Rank Secure can help you with our state of the art mobile marketing service. Mobile marketing is the latest technology that can help you stay connected with a segment of consumers who are more likely to spend money online. A well designed mobile marketing campaign can be more powerful and effective than online marketing simply because of the extremely high number of mobile users.


Rank Secure can be your partner in building an efficient mobile marketing campaign that is completely performance based. Our comprehensive mobile marketing service has already worked wonders for many of our clients. We believe that mobile marketing is all about the elimination of location barrier between the seller and the buyers. Our mobile marketing service includes but is not limited within

1.Mobile Optimization of Websites: A mobile optimized website is important because your potential customers can very easily get frustrated while viewing your website using mobile devices. A mobile website will help you control how your target audience feels about your brand. This is extremely important because the browsers in most of the mobile devices are not capable of properly displaying regular websites. Rank Secure can help you create a mobile website that can be viewed easily without scrolling down or towards the sides. Unlike regular websites, all information in mobile websites can be read top-down.

2. SMS or Text Message Marketing: Our efficient mobile text marketing will help you engage customers personally no matter where they are. The key element of our text marketing strategy is to help you communicate with your target audience in the local market in a consistent and focused manner. Mobile text marketing is so useful because almost 98% of text messages are read by the recipients within 15 minutes. Therefore, it is the best possible alternative to let people know about special promotions, discounts, new product or service, etc.

3. Mobile QR Barcode:  Your customers are immediately connected to your mobile website through their Smartphones when they scan the QR code present in your promotional or marketing piece. This gives you an opportunity to engage them using special offers, discount, videos, event registrations, etc.

Contact us immediate if you are looking to create a mobile marketing campaign that helps you beat your competitors hands down without spending much.