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The rugged terrain of Muskoka doesn’t mean there isn’t good business there. Muskoka has been a hotbed of entrepreneurship for some time with its Muskoka Small Business Center.


However, the lockdowns have and a devastating effect on both businesses and citizens. Business owners are now trying to figure out how they can jumpstart their business and stay afloat. Website SEO optimization Muskoka is the answer.

Muskoka SEO

The Pandemic Changed Things

Many small businesses so no real need to have a strong online presence, if any at all, before the pandemic. They had their regulars and made a decent income. Most felt putting money into digital marketing could be a waste when word-of-mouth worked just fine.


Things changes when people could no longer shop in public. Many learned how to order things online so they didn’t have to go out into public. This is now a habit they found to be more convenient and easier to do than search in a store for an item they want.


Stores haven’t been too quick to adapt. They keep hoping things will go back to the way they were. They never will be the same. Online searching and shopping are here to stay on the rise. A U.S. survey said online business activity increased 27.9% in 2020 and no one expects it to slow down.


Businesses of any size and industry can compete well and win over customers with website SEO optimization Muskoka. Keywords can direct customers straight to your product when they initiate an online search.


Keywords can also direct customers to your store when they use geographical searches or navigation. These are searches that show them your shop when they ask for businesses near them. The bonus is people who find your store through this method are typically those who will spend money on it.


Rank Secure is a highly prominent digital marketing company that has helped many businesses throughout Ontario. We have been in business for 18 years and have exceptional knowledge and skills that meet search engine protocols. We talk to business owners about their needs and their plans and craft an affordable, customized plan that gives them results over time. Rank Secure sticks with our clients to make sure their goals are met.

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