On-site SEO


SEO is an extremely wide topic and SEO efforts can now be categorized in different ways. On-site SEO can be defined a set of strategies that are performed within the realms of the website of the business or individual. Since a long time, Rank Secure has been offering top class SEO service to their clients for a price affordable to all types businesses regardless of their financial limitations. On-site SEO strategies implemented by Rank Secure can provide you the much competitive edge over your competitors by helping your website rank higher.

At Rank Secure, we offer you a comprehensive set of on-site SEO strategies to make sure that
• Your website is known to the search engines.
• It is possible for the search engine bots to index your website properly.
• Well formatted website pages for SERPs.

It is very important to keep in mind that generating desired results with the implementation of on-site SEO strategies is a long term process. Depending on the type and size of the website, all on-site SEO strategies require a monitoring phase after implementation. At Rank Secure, we believe in maintaining transparency and therefore, we never promise overnight result to our clients.

The function of Google bots is to discover new web pages, and Google finds out every single website even if no effort is made by the website owner. However, Rank Secure will implement measures to expedite the process of your websites indexing. We also make sure that all updates relating to your website is indexed within the least possible time. In order to ensure on time indexing of web pages, things mentioned below are of prime importance.

XML Sitemaps

Search engine bots find it easier to understand Sitemap.xml files. These files are located in a website’s root directory and the search engines find it easier to pick them up. After finalizing the site structure, Rank Secure generates these files in a number of ways.

Webmaster Tools

Popular webmaster tools such as Bing Webmaster and GWT (Google Webmaster Tool) are considered to be the best of all direct doorways between the search engine and a particular website. Rank Secure creates these accounts and helps website owners keep track of their websites performance with regards to search engines.

The next important thing for a website owner is to ensure that the search engines can see what they to be seen. Rank Secure will make sure that all pages inside your website can be discovered easily by the robots. In this regards, we take care of certain page and domain level factors to ensure maximum results.


The root directory of a website contains the Robots.txt file. These files provide instruction to search engine bots with regards to what should be indexed in a website.

404 errors

These pages appear when a page on the website is not available. Frequent 404 errors can seriously damage a website’s reputation and reduce its ranking. Rank Secure will help you restore positive feelings by creating custom 404 error pages for websites.


This relates to making changes or updates to a website’s url because of changes made in the structure of the site. As your SEO partner, Rank Secure will make sure that the XML sitemap of the website is updated accordingly. We also create redirects from the old pages to the new ones.


Our on-site SEO experts will also follow certain rules in terms of length, depth, and descriptiveness while creating a website’s url. This includes avoiding more than 3-4 directory deep urls, more than 3-5 word long urls, and keyword stuffed urls.


Rank Secure creates effective titles that are specific, short, and descriptive. We believe that the best titles are the ones that provides sufficient information about a webpage in short.


Headings such as H1, H2, etc. are meant to divide the content of a page into different logical sections. We create headings that highlight the focus terms of your business so that the search bots can easily find out what the site is all about.

Apart from a high search engine rank, it is also important to make sure that people like what they see about your business on the SERP. Rank Secure helps here by providing descriptions, value propositions, and additional information through search snippets.

Finally, high quality content has always been one of the most important components of on-site SEO. This has become even more important since the recent updates made by Google. Rank Secure has experienced keyword research experts and content writers to create content that generates results for your business.

No matter what business you have, Rank Secure can provide you exactly what you need for the best price in the local market. Call us today fix an appointment with our SEO experts and find out how proper on-site SEO can do wonders for your website.