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What are the best online paying options?

Shopping online is an important part of our lives. It is being done more and more every day. With mobile devices and increased connectivity, it is important to understand where your buyers are- chances are they are online. However, they do not all prefer one method of payment. This could be a problem if you are unknowingly turning customers away based on the options they have for payment.

However, with a little research, this problem can be solved. There never has to be a situation where customers do not feel like they have enough options to be a part of your business online. This article will lay out some of the larger and generally more popular options for online payments.



I start with PayPal because it is one of the oldest options for online payments. It is also widely used all over the world. It processes over 8 million payments every day. It also is great for many international locations. It serves over 130 markets and accepts 26 different kinds of currency. The perks with PayPal are plentiful. Customers can use PayPal to pay with actual checks, can use PayPal credit to buy items. They also have a card reader to enable your business to accept payment by card. Also for added convenience, people can use PayPal to make payments directly on your website.



This company was formally named Moneybookers. It is a viable option for online payments, particularly from international clients. It is a pretty popular option because of it great added features that make purchases even easier. Skrill has very low fees involved with sending or receiving money or for making online payments. It is also free to set up. Another cool feature is that you can use text messages to send and receive money directly to a Skrill account.



This payment option is great for your customer base is in the united states. They only make their services available to those in the US. WePay’s greatest strength is in their simplicity You can sign up and use a WePay account in under a minute. They accepted linked cards and bank accounts and make e it easy to shop online.



Dwolla is a very cool payment option that provides an easy to use a product with a ton of extra features and benefits. They are great for those who need many different options to send and receive money. You can transfer money to social media accounts including Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. You can also transfer money using your phone or email. Bank accounts are easily linked to your Dwolla account to add account transfer as a payment option. One of the best features is that there are no fees on transactions, while it is free to use, businesses can access extra features for a monthly, flat rate.


Amazon Payments

Using Amazon Payments is an easy method that would be considered convenient by most people. Users can send money using the structure that is used to make Amazon Payments. This keeps their information secure in the confines of Amazon while making purchases elsewhere. Users can also send money through the use of the Automated Clearing House, or ACH. The ACH is directly linked to your bank account, so when you make purchases you are authorizing a transfer of funds to your bank account. This is an option that many people will know and trust.



Stripe is actually one of PayPal’s biggest competitors. It offers many benefits to those who use it. Some of those benefits include an interface that is simply designed and easy to use, it also is incredibly fast in the transactions it processes especially from your Stripe account to your bank account. The processing time is less than 48 hours! It also provides the customer the option to use their Stripe account to pay directly from your website. This is a huge added benefit.

Stripe works with over three hundred different apps as well. Another great benefit is the way that the traction fee is flat, there are no additional charges for different circumstances like international customers, or large transactions. The fee is 2.9% of every transaction, plus an additional 30 cents per transaction. Stripe allows people to pay with Apple Pay and Android Pay as well as cards and bank accounts.



Payoneer is a very good online payment option that really caters to international clients. It is a platform that is fully featured and easy to use. This platform makes it is for customers to pay no matter where they are. Funds are received incredibly fast, usually within minutes. Payoneer’s invoice and billing structure is one that comes with options to customize your billing experience. It is just as easy for one payment to be sent and quickly received as it is for many to be sent and received consecutively.


For many transactions using Payoneer, there are no transaction fees. An example of a non-fee traction would be between two people with Payoneer accounts. For other types of transactions such as cards, the transaction fee is 3%. Those with many international clients should consider adding this payment option to their list of accepted ones.


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