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There are advantages and disadvantages of running a business in a historic town like Pickering. The pros are it has a lot of history and character and that can draw new customers. The con is that it can be challenging to change your way of thinking to implement more modern approaches to business.


Pickering SEO services is a modern approach to attracting customers and improving sales. While many SEO companies may offer these types of services, only Rank Secure stands behind their methods with guarantees.

Pickering SEO


Many have heard of search engine optimization (SEO) but few understand all that it includes. That is why it’s good to have Rank Secure professionals handle your SEO and online ranking. Our team of professionals is experts in all things SEO and beyond including coding, content writing, meta descriptions, website design, press releases and even coordinating your digital marketing with local advertising.

An aggressive digital marketing plan can make a world of difference in your business’s bottom line. It’s like putting a store in a high-traffic area rather than hidden in a back alley. Any business owner would prefer to be in a high-traffic area, right?

Online is where people are searching and shopping. Reports are local search queries on mobile phones total 81.1 billion. Approximately 60% of Americans use smartphones and tablets to search for local products and services. Online business activity increased 17.9% in 2020 and currently is at 30.8%.

Many business owners hold off investing in digital marketing because their current website is producing lackluster results. It’s not your website’s fault. It may look awesome but simply isn’t ranking high enough to be seen. It’s like that shop in the back alley. No one can find it.

Rank Secure can take a low-performing website and make it highly effective. It takes some time to get a good organic following but it can be done with some technical coding, good content writing, and excellent Pickering SEO. This is the start to improving your ranking in major search engines like Google and Bing.

We also do other things to improve your search rankings. After all, Rank Secure is a complete marketing company so we also provide offline services like issuing press releases, directory submissions, and connecting your social media to your website.

All of these services will give your business more credibility and show search engines you are a legitimate business. That will improve your ranking. Getting your business website or e-commerce site to a higher ranking is crucial in the current competitive environment. Everyone is vying for those rankings because it’s the first place businesses customers look.

Our white hat techniques will put your business in a positive competitive situation where customers will see your products and services more than they are now. More eyes on your business’ website mean more sales for you. It’s a matter of numbers. It also means you can expand your reach to other nearby cities. That means your business will grow.

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