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For a local independent contractor like a plumber is so important to be visible online. You don’t have the big name of a company to back you up, so you have to make yourself the big name- at least in your local area. This might feel like a long shot, but it isn’t. Most big plumbing company pages can be jumped by you in the search engines. This is possible because of how targeted your website will be for your area.

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Why Does My Business Need SEO?

You might be wondering “Does my website even need SEO?” The answer to that question is yes. And the reason the answer for you is yes is that the answer is yes for any business’s website. They all need SEO because SEO helps you connect with current and potential customers. If a customer cannot find your website, they can not seek out your service. SO it is incredibly important to have an SEO initiative.

Now that you can see why you need SEO, here are some tips for establishing an effective SEO initiative:

The best way to get your website to rank highly o search engines is to make yourself an authority figure for your products and services. The easiest way to do this is to give away helpful information for free. You have a lot of experience and helping people solve some very small plumbing problems will give them the chance to get to know and trust you. That trust could result in a call should a big plumbing problem occur. As you know, business is all about connection. People want to connect with others, so help them connect with you. Includes a blog on your website. Teach people how to do basic troubleshooting that a plumber wouldn’t be needed for. Use social media the same way as well. Especially social media pages for your business and share helpful tips, answer questions. Also, use social media to promote and share your blog posts.

Your website needs to be logical in its flow and the content on your website needs to be effective and engaging. Without these two factors, your website can’t attract visitors the way you want them to. The easiest way to make the flow of your website work is to have the industry pages like your “About Me” page at the top of your website navigation. You should have different pages for the different services that you provide and a detailed description of what each of these services entails. This is the content section of making a logical website. It needs to be descriptive, but you don’t have to go on too much, just make your point then you can move on.

You might consider using paid advertisement such as PPC advertisement. PPC stands for pay per click. Essential you use a service that allows you to bid on relevant keywords to you. If you win the bid. You only want to bid on highly relevant keywords for you. This is especially important because you will be paying cents every time they click on the ad. This will not help you if the keywords are not targeted enough that those clicks would convert into actual customers. If this doesn’t happen a good percentage of the time, then the keywords you chose are not effective or pay per click advertisement option for you. However, when done correctly pay per click advertisement can boost your customer base and increase the brand awareness of your company. That is important for the continued growth of your small business in the short and long term.

Reviews are a great option for those that have built a reputation offline. The easiest way to bring your offline achievement online is to ask your previous customers to write you a brief statement about their experience. Then put the best, or most glowing of those online. If you have many, That’s great. You can create a whole page for just reviews that every visitor to your website can read. It is truly an awesome method of attracting customers because they can hear from other real people that have happily received your services.

For a small business person, finding the time for SEO can be so difficult. You don’t have to do it alone. In fact, choosing to hire an SEO and marketing firm like Rank Secure can mean getting a polished plan that will work for you. You won’t have to waste time learning and making mistakes. Instead, you can lean on the expertise of people who do this type of work every single day. We can help you with developing or designing a new website, or just sprucing up you’re exiting one. We can find the best keywords for PPC advertising as well. We end the guessing game that SEO can be less experienced individuals. We also offer comprehensive SEO packages where we can put together the best elements for you and then implement it objective by objective.


We will be the teammate in your marketing journey. If this sounds like something you need for your business’s success, don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation. In that consultation, we will come to understand exactly what you need and how we can help you accomplish your goals for every aspect of your SEO and marketing plan.

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