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Does your website look fantastic, with plenty sizzle? Is it consistently attracting your target audience and converting those visitors into customers? If your answer is NO, then your site is not doing its job and it has a negative impact on your revenues.


When you’re in this situation, it is time to consider hiring an SEO expert firm to review your website and your business goals in order to identify strategies to help improve your search engine rankings, page views and conversions.

SEO Expert Firm

Rank Secure – Canada’s Leading SEO Expert Firm

One of the simplest and most effective strategies that SEO expert firms usually prescribe, is to rewrite your HTML title tags and to fix structural issues that may prevent robots from finding and indexing your website’s content. Another strategy involves getting quality links from external, industry-relevant websites.

Inside an SEO Expert Firm

SEO “experts” are easy to find, but finding the right SEO expert firm to take your business to the next level takes some doing. The key is to find a company that has been around for a while – a company that invests in the ongoing education of its consultants.


Rank Secure is an established, reputable SEO expert firm, specializing in online reputation management and digital marketing. It is our goal to ensure that potential clients find your website (rather than that of your competitors!) in Google’s search engine results pages to bring you:

increased brand exposure
more leads
greater return on investment

Our highly trained and experienced team can assist with all your online marketing needs, and to guide you through an advanced program that is focused on competitive benchmarking, brand building and conversion enhancement.


We deal with all three layers of search engine optimization:


On-page SEO – Using keywords, HTML tags and other elements to help search engines to find you in search queries.


Off-page SEO – Including link building, social media and PPC.


Technical SEO – Dealing with the structure of your site, we determine search engines’ ability to crawl and index the pages in your site.


Unless search engines can access your content, any other work will be a waste of time in terms of search engine optimization success.

Rank Secure’s Track Record as a SEO Expert Firm

For more than 15 years, we have served both small companies and large Fortune 500 firms in Toronto and around the world. Our company is built on our steady record and solid experience.


Our unique value proposition includes an extensive marketing portfolio that extends beyond the small arena of search engine optimization. Modern SEO success is based on a deep level of general marketing savvy. We have a well-developed sense for:

human psychology

web analytics

viral marketing

product development

consumer culture

design and development

content creation

business models and much more.

t is crucial for SEO to be a part of each of these aspects, otherwise our short-term decisions may hurt your efforts more than help them.


We interact with all aspects of a business, from marketing to IT, customer care, sales and and analytics, because that is what needed for your SEO to work well. Search engine optimization should match voice and personality of the company to have integrity in the eyes of your target audience.

Rank Secure Sees the Big Picture

While most people only focus on achieving number one rankings on the search engines, we understand that your ultimate business goals are more important – goals such as:

more conversions

fewer support calls

more sales

better brand awareness

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No matter what your company’s size, if search engine optimization (SEO) forms part of your sales and marketing strategy, we can either do it for you, or provide SEO expert personal coaching to help you master search engine optimization.


We believe in clear communication and we have a passion for execution. We will increase your traffic and leads using SEO, PPC and social media marketing services.


With a range of SEO packages to suit your needs and budget, you will you will gain brand exposure and recognition from your target market.

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We service Toronto, the GTA, including Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Newmarket and we also focus in the southern Ontario region as well. With over 18 years of providing SEO services and our proven track record, you will be happy to go with a company as experienced as Rank Secure.


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