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SEO is a technical term used in the process of informing search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and much more that your site is now a member of the online community. Business is moving towards the approach of internet marketing. Search engine optimization is a soul of every online business.

Let’s learn why page ranking matters. When someone searches on the internet, it is a maximum probability that the person chooses from the form the first page because according to him, the search engine gives most reliable results.

Now, the question is how to rank higher?

The solution of these questions is website optimization.

Factors on which ranking of search engine depends

Now, SEO is not that techniques which you use previously, day by day logic and algorithms of a search engine are getting smarter. The ranking of a specific page in a search engine results depends on different factors. There are umpteen of these factors. These are the things we as a Shelburne SEO firm.

Some of them are listed below for your reference:

Internal Linking:

Our Shelburne SEO firm knows that Internal links hold a crucial place in search engine. Well, structured internal linking makes your site crawl able for search engine bots. That help in the decreasing bounce rate of your website. We can develop these for you.


Similar to the internal linking our Shelburne SEO firm
Can help you develop backlinks. There are only two factors that matter one is relevancy and another one is the authority of domain that links to your web page. Always avoid low-quality backlinks, they can harm your site. We never use low-quality backlinks.

On page SEO:

We can give you well-optimized Title tag, meta tag, meta description, images, ALT tag, heading tags, Keyword frequency, LSI keywords is the key to rank higher in search engines.

Content Quality:

Unique content always gives you remark in the search engine results. The search engine shows you result based on the keywords that you search. Our Shelburne SEO firm can provide you with the content of the highest quality.

Off Page SEO:

Off-page is essential for a successful website. the off-page optimization process is consisting of several activities to popularize your website on the Internet including link building.

Site Design:

The responsive site design and a good structure of your site can boost user experience and positively influence your ranking in Google search results pages.

User Experience:

Search engines decide user experience based upon Bounce rate and Dwell time of your website. You should focus on improving your user experience if you want to rank higher.

Always avoid keyword stuffing in your content. Now, keyword stuffing comes in the category of black hat technique. The worst case of using this technique is a ban of your site.

Thus, always hire a great keyword analyst or web analyst company for your website. At Rank Secure, our professionals ensure that the keywords that we choose directly go with your website so that whatever traffic you get, it will add value to your website.

There are many other factors on which ranking depends, these are loading speed, server location, content type, sitemap, URL structure, domain history, keyword in the H1 tag, content length, keyword image, density and video optimization, outbound link quality, grammar, number of outbound and internal links, Broken links on your site, reading level of your content, PageRank and page category, Priority of page in sitemap, page age, Site architecture, backlink anchor text, natural link profile, Microformats, Organic Click Through rate (CTR), use of Google analytics and Webmaster tools. We always recommend you to avoid over optimization. As over optimization can lead to a permanent ban on your website in Google search results.

Keyword Analysis:

A great keyword analysis can do miracles for your website. When you are looking keyword for your web page always keep in mind that the most crucial factor on which keywords depends is user intent and relevancy of your business. The journey becomes bumpier and within time being you are losing your time and money if you fail to do so. We will handle the research, you can relax.

Social Signals & User Behavior:

Bing officially accept that they give a high priority in SERPs to the site that has large social influence. A positive feedback from the audience and good social signal can influence your ranking in search engines.

Domain Authority:

As a Shelburne SEO firm, we recognize the many factors like domain age, outbound and inbound links, registration length, content freshness factor helps search engines to decide the authority of a domain. We will succeed in increasing your Domain Authority. This will keep you on right track.

Contact Rank Secure. We can help you with all of the things that were outlined in this article. We look forward to hearing from you.

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