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Stratford SEO

Stratford has a lot going for it with all its history and culture. Even so, some business owners may be still reeling from 2020 and trying to figure out how to get back to the top of their game. Stratford SEO services can help ensure that success.


One thing the pandemic did was make people change their habits. More learned about online services during the lockdown and are still using them. Why not? Online business is convenient and takes less time than searching for items shop to shop.


The problem is many smaller businesses haven’t taken the cue and pushed more of their marketing online. They may still think customers will find them through other ways like local advertisements or just visually while driving by. Neither is effective any longer.


The real traffic is online so that is where your business must be. Not only must it be online but it must be visible. That means you need a high ranking to get the pick of the best customers who are ready to buy.

Stratford SEO

Stratford SEO Service

Consumers who go online are different from those in past decades. Today’s consumers want to find products or services quickly, place an order, or run by to pick it up and move on with their day.

That means their research is done quickly and they make decisions faster. They are ready to buy. This is why getting ranked as high as possible matters.


Statistics show that 75% of consumers won’t go past the first search page. The typical buyer will look at one or two top choices for a product or service before deciding who to call first. If the call goes well, they make a purchase. It’s that fast. Bigger ticket items may get more consideration but they still will only call companies appearing on the first page.

How to Get to a Coveted Ranking

A website is a kind of like a human body. There are many different components and it functions well when they all work together. It doesn’t function well when something is “off.”


For many small business owners who have their own website, the things that are “off” could be simple. Maybe the company who built it didn’t notify the search engines they were online or maybe there might be some black hat coding that is causing penalities.


It could be the site doesn’t have a good layout or good content. Keywords may not be the best ones. It may not look good or navigate well on tablets or smartphones. All of these things make up elements that create a high ranking.


This is why it takes a professional company like Rank Secure to help you. Our team looks at your website, does some deep research into both the backend and the frontend, looks at your industry and business to come up with solutions that will get you a good search engine ranking.


One of the best ways to do that is to help you discover niche markets. Getting a high rank in a niche market will not only get your business website seen but will also net your more customers looking for products and services just like yours. It could help expand your business.

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Rank Secure offers a free business website evaluation to show what could be holding your business back and how things could be. We will offer tried and true recommendations to you that we have used over the past 18 years and help create a customized, affordable plan that suits your business. Call Rank Secure today to find out just how much business you can have in the future!


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