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SEO can be tricky, and confusing. It is something that can feel difficult to get right even with instructions. Fortunately Rank Secure is here for you. We can help you choose between a host of different SEO and marketing options and find what works for you. We can then help you implement whichever option you choose.

SEO for Your Synagogue

It can be really confusing and frustrating to see your Synagogue practically invisible to search engines will others are ranked very highly. They are reaching new members and helping their current members connect while you are unable to do so. Well with a little help from search engine optimization strategies, your Synagogue could be prominently displayed on the first page of these powerful search engines.

SEO is a word that can often be tossed around a lot, but many questions what it actually means. SEO or search engine optimization is a marketing strategy that helps your website become more visible online. This is done by helping your website move up on the various search engine results pages.

If you are wondering why gaining a high position on search engines, think about how you search for anything. How often do you go past the second page? Do you naturally assume the first page results are the most relevant? Most people have this mindset, so the best thing is to work with it.

Making it easier for users and search engine to find and learn about you is the primary reason why people take SEO so seriously. This can be a challenge because there really isn’t a while there isn’t a step-by-step formula that guarantees SEO success. However, there are several best-practice strategies that you can take to improve enhance your site’s ranking.

1. Be Member Focused

Think about what your members and potential members might need from your website. Think about parents looking for Jewish schools and activities for their children, or new people in town looking for a new place to attend services. Think about all that you provide, then make a list. From that list, you will create your relevant keywords.

This is a very simple process, there are many keyword research tools, simply take the main words in each item on your list, search them using a keyword tool, and see which keywords are the most popular. Create titles and headlines with those keywords throughout your website. So those that are looking for information can find it with you.

2. Mimic the language that your members and prospects potentially use in a search is a fundamental part of SEO.

Using keyword phrases naturally in your content is a great way to let search engines know what your webpage entails. However, it is important to focus on the word naturally. Stuffing keywords that might make a lot of sense to search engines, but does not provide an actual benefit to the reader will result in low or falling page rank. Fouls on the visitor’s need, while providing them with useful information and you will be on your way to a high page rank.

3. Include Keywords On the Page Title

Making sure to use keywords in the title of your pages can really help with the page rank of your website, and make it higher than the page rank of your competitors. However, the keywords in title have to be used strategically. It should not appear forced. It should have a natural and logical reason for being.

4. Add Keywords to The Page URL

The URLs of your web pages should mirror the keywords in your titles. It is important that you weave them into your URLs in the same way as other places. This provides two benefits. One you visitors have access to a URL that is easy to read and remember. This might result in return visits. It also tells search engines what exactly is on your page. This clarity will help contribute to higher page rank over time.

5. Add Keywords to The Image Alt–Text

Adding tags to your images that contain keywords is a very good SEO practice. It allows your webpage to be found by those searching for images, it also reinforces your purpose of the web pages to search engines. Also, it provides a wonderful benefit to those who are impaired visually. When you Add text to the image alt-text it gives the opportunity for software that reads the screen to understand what your image is and convey that verbally this increases your access to people who might not be able to see it.

There is always a great opportunity to increase the visibility of you Synagogue, so take advantage of it. Let people know the services and benefits that you provide so that you can reach more people and help those that need information find it

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