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Websites are visual representations of what your business offers to the world. They should reflect your brand, values and mission statement. A solid website design can showcase your content in an organised, efficient way that connects with viewers on an emotional level. You need to understand how people learn and how they process information when designing your site. Many free resources available online can help you learn how to create websites.

The best websites to learn website design online have a lot of blue links – which means that they have lots more resources than just one page and will be helpful as you become a better designer.

Google Search

Google is an excellent website to start learning website design. You can find several articles and videos on the topic.

You will also find that they have an editor that you can use to create your first-ever website design. They have three types of editors:

– The HTML Editor allows you to use code, CSS, and HTML to create your website design in real time.

– The CSS Editor – This is helpful if you are more comfortable with using CSS instead of code to create your site design.

– The WYSIWYG Editor – This is helpful for people who do not know how to code but want a more visual interface. is one of the best websites to learn website design online. specialises in teaching digital skills, such as software and app development, graphic design, web design and video editing. The website has an expansive library of courses covering various topics. With over 4,000 courses on how to be a better designer, developer or technician, you’re sure to find something useful for your business.

If you are just starting out, offers free access for one month with the purchase of a subscription – which can be purchased for as low as $25/month or $19/month if you join yearly. The site also offers additional resources like tutorials and articles with insights into how designers create their designs.


Udemy is a website that has many courses and tutorials for all different types of subjects. They have courses for photography, coding, business, cooking and more! One of their most popular courses is Creative Website Design with HTML & CSS. This course teaches you how to make websites with HTML and CSS – the two most basic coding languages.


This course will teach you how to design websites using simple fonts and colours that are easy to read on various devices. It also teaches you how to create sections in a website, how to create navigation bars, how to add images and text that scroll smoothly on the page, and how to use jQuery – a JavaScript library used in website design.

The Creative Website Design course has over 2 million students enrolled so far!

Code Academy

Code Academy is a free resource for learning how to design websites. They have interactive lessons that make it easy for you to learn the basics of website design. Code Academy also has mobile device design, coding, and user experience design sections.

Code Academy

You can become a better designer with Code Academy.

Adobe Creative Cloud

The Adobe Creative Cloud is a suite of software tools that provide designers with everything they need to create and manage high-quality Web, print, video, mobile and interactive projects. With the Creative Cloud subscription, you get access to all of the following:


  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Adobe InDesign CC

With these tools and more, your business can stay on top of trends in the industry. It will be easier for you to design your website because you’ll have a plan with which to work.


Treehugger is a website that provides information on topics like environmentalism, nature and technology. If you are looking for a place to start learning how to design websites, Treehugger is a great place to start.


The website offers tutorials, resources and articles on creating your own website with different types of web templates, videos and more. There are also ways for new designers to find their niche in the field. The best part about this site is that it’s free! Treehugger is not just for newbies – even experienced designers can learn from the site’s content as well.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine offers an online course for website design. This online course is a free resource that helps you learn how to design websites. It’s the perfect place to start and offers a lot of different information about website design – from design theory, to user interface, and more.

Smashing Magazine

The best part of Smashing Magazine is that it has a community aspect to it. If you don’t understand what something is talking about or are looking for answers, their community is there to help you out!

Information is a Beautiful website.

Information is Beautiful website might be one of the best websites to learn website design online. It has a funny, lighthearted approach that makes it easy to digest the information on its site.

The site is very organised, making it an excellent resource for those just starting out or looking to improve their website design skills. A lot of their resources are video-based. This can help you learn how to implement certain elements and designs on your own page.

In addition, they have an active community where people can ask questions and share ideas with each other. This is a great way to learn as you go without feeling like you’re alone going through this process or as if you’re reinventing the wheel. They also offer lots of free resources like e-books and templates, so you can start off with something functional before investing in paid options.