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Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay is a competitive city for business. The Corporation of the City of Thunder Bay has 47 companies alone. Thunder Bay has a diverse economy including transportation, education, manufacturing, mining, and forestry, along with businesses that support those industries.


Yet, we at Rank Secure know some Thunder Bay businesses still struggle. We know because we’ve helped many of them over the years with Thunder Bay SEO plans.



Rank Secure has been the top SEO company in Thunder Bay for years and we still want to help more businesses succeed with more customers, more sales, and a better bottom line.

Thunder Bay SEO


Search engine optimization (SEO) has been a buzzword for years but most people don’t understand what all it includes. Yes, it includes keywords but there is a much more complicated process involved to make it successful.

It also includes technical aspects like coding, meta descriptions, meta tags, alt tags, images, website design and movement, responsiveness, and content writing. All of these things work together to create a dynamic web page that gets high rankings and more eyes to see it.

Small businesses are all about saving money, especially if they are startups. Many business owners see the one-click websites and feel they can get a professional site on the cheap. Well, they can but you also get what you pay for. The site may look great but have no online visibility.

Most business owners don’t have the knowledge, skills, or time to do digital marketing and Thunder Bay SEO the way it should be done to be effective. Our professionals have spent years learning all the white hat methods of raising a website’s ranking and getting more potential customers to look at it. It’s not something you can learn in one night from a tutorial.

A website doesn’t do any good if no one sees it. It takes a professional, reputable, ethical company like Rank Secure to take it to the next level of visibility.

A recent study revealed that website optimization works best when coupled with other types of marketing. It could be social media, local advertising in print, television or radio, press releases, or even billboards.

The evidence suggests that both types of marketing are more effective if they are coordinated together. The reasons are pretty simple.

A coordinated effort will keep your messaging and branding consistent. Rank Secure can help you with many offline marketing needs like press releases and coordinating marketing with other platforms. We can submit your information to internet directories, get blogs on your site or another site as a guest blogger and help you develop several other ways to promote your website and your business.

All of these types of organic things not only generate more traffic to your website but they generate more interest. People associate expertise with someone they see in all types of platforms. They associate competence with a website that has solid information that helps them. They want to do business with companies like that.

The good news is search engines love it too. One of the factors that get a website ranked higher is domain authority. The more you do to update your content, create a website of useful information, and show your knowledge in your niche, the more search engines will push your website higher. Rank Secure can help you get to that level with our knowledge and recommendations.

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