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Travel Agency SEO

It is important to understand what your visitors want from their online experience and deliver it to them in the most efficient manner possible. Do this and you will increase your chances of performing well in search engines. Contact Rank Secure for help improving the SEO for your travel agencies’ website. We have a host of solutions that can help.

Steps to Improve Your Travel Agency SEO

Do you have a reputable travel agency but are failing to turn up in Google searches? This is a common problem amongst small business owners, but one that can be easily fixed. If you take the time to follow Google’s guidelines to help them understand a bit more about your business, you’ll have an online presence in no time. Outlined below are seven tips to help drive online traffic to your agency.

Identify any immediate issues

Be aware that not all web designers understand the basics of SEO. A few mistakes during development could prevent you from appearing in search engines.

Understand your analytics

This is perhaps the most underutilized SEO tactic among SMEs and I’m yet to deal with anyone in the travel industry who gives their analytics the attention it deserves.
Google wants to provide users with the best possible search result in the fastest time possible.

Your site’s analytics tell you how your visitors find you, which pages they browse, and how long they spend on each page.

Interpreting this information will help you understand what your users want. If you can provide this, they will spend a decent amount of time on your site and you will rank higher in Google search results.

So what are some of the things you should look for?

Identify your most popular content and check if it has a high bounce rate. If it does, restructure it to encourage users to click elsewhere on the site. This can be done by providing links to your other pages.

Make sure your site is optimized for mobile visitors

Global mobile web visits have now surpassed desktop. How much of your total visits are from a mobile device?

Whether it’s 50% or 60% of your traffic, you need to optimize the mobile experience to ensure you are giving yourself every chance of converting your mobile visitors.
Perhaps, more importantly, is your strategy to attract new visitors when they’re looking on a mobile device. Google declares very few of the factors impacting its search results but mobile experience is one of them (speed is another).

They’re even in the process of rolling out a separate mobile index, so if you want to acquire visitors to your site from Google from a mobile device, then you need to have a laser focus on your mobile experience.

Make sure your site is fast

Google wants fast websites, give it fast websites. If you need to know how fast your site is. Test your site with online testing tools many are offered for free. Your visitors will leave your website if it is too slow and ultimately it will mean fewer people contacting your agency. Did you know that 50% of users expect a site to load within two seconds, and will abandon it if it hasn’t loaded in three?

Make getting reviews part of your process

Every travel agency understands the importance of online reviews, largely thanks to TripAdvisor. But online reviews of your agency around the web are equally as important to your ability to attract bookings.

There are a few key benefits of encouraging customer reviews:

Publish them on your site and mark them up with Schema and you can improve your search results in Google. Thus increasing your click-throughs.

Get reviews on your Google My Business listing and you will be more likely to rank in Google’s ‘local pack’. You know the search feature where you see a map and three results.

Get reviews on Google, Facebook, and other sites and when someone searches Google for your agency, they will see these reviews right there in Google’s ‘knowledge graph’.

There are a few key benefits of encouraging customer reviews:

If you’re not producing regular content, you are way behind the eight ball.

Quality content which is useful to your users is an important part of your SEO strategy. Not every person will head straight to a travel agency to book a holiday. They will research where they want to go when they want to go, what they want to do and how much they will need, long before they contact you. So your strategy should be to produce the content that they find to answer these questions.

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