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Twitter Header Image Design

Twitter is currently the most powerful social media platform in the world, and it’s of pivotal importance to your online marketing strategy. If you’re still using the generic Twitter header design, or a pixelated or an awkwardly sized image, now is the time to switch to a quality, custom-designed Twitter header image design.

Cliche or not: First impressions matter,

and when it comes to Twitter, your audience judges you by your Twitter header image and profile picture.


If you want people to follow you on Twitter, and you want them to retweet your tweets and click on the links to your website, you need to invest in a new, customized Twitter header image design. The platform recently introduced their new customizable profile header, which provides the perfect opportunity for you to make or break your brand.


With short 140 character messages, you have a limited opportunity to truly showcase your brand personality and to showcase your value proposition. However, most people respond to visual stimuli, which means that you can use your Twitter header image to tell your story in a big, bold and creative way.

Let your Twitter Header Image Design Tell Your Story

Add the WOW factor to your Twitter profile header to create an instant connection with your ideal customers. A strong visual impact is key to captivating your audience and ensuring clicks, retweets and follows.


A well-crafted Twitter header image design will make a powerful visual impact on your audience within seconds of landing on your page.
What Goes Into a Quality Twitter Header Image Design?


Anyone can whip up a profile picture, but crafting a high-quality Twitter header image design takes skill and expertise. Here at Rank Secure, we put our skills and efforts to use in creating visually attractive, powerful Twitter header image designs that will meet your marketing objectives and build your brand reputation. Some of the aspects we consider when creating your Twitter header image, include:

your branding goals

your marketing outcomes

your target audience’s preferences

users’ devices and screen sizes

How Will Your Twitter Header Image Design Be Viewed?

Your Twitter header image design will be viewed across multiple devices, and that’s why it is vital to ensure that it appears correctly on all devices, regardless of the operating system or screen size.


Some Twitter header image designers don’t bother with this, but at Rank Secure, we value your brand and that’s why you can rely on us to provide you with a beautiful, sleek and engaging Twitter header image design.

Important Inclusions for Your Twitter Header Image Design

We at Rank Secure believe in using every marketing opportunity to the full. That’s why we recommend that you let us include some vital information in your design, including:

company name







When you send us all the information for your Twitter header image design, we will assess it. We will get in touch to discuss a few pivotal points regarding your company or your audience with you, to ensure that your header will have the desired effect. Our expert designers are not only creative, but they have the innate ability to look at a project from both our clients’ perspective and that of the target audience.


It takes our professional designers only a couple of days to create a quality Twitter header image design and then it will be handed over to you for approval.


In addition to your Twitter header image design being visually appealing, we require that each project fulfills our own stringent requirements:

Text should be visibly clear across all platforms.

Graphics, text and logos should be balanced on all platforms.

Images and text should not be obstructed on any of the platforms.

A good Twitter header image design is more than just a pretty picture. It is your company’s calling card on the busiest social platform available. Don’t settle for less. Let Rank Secure’s expert designers craft a Twitter header image design that is truly you and connects with your audience.

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